Ace of 
Wands                      Source of the Power of Fire

                                                  Opposite cards:      Corresponding cards:

                                                  Ace of  Cups                    Ace of Swords                                   
                                                  Ace of Pentacles


This card's  representation is like the Hebrew letter Yod.  This card stands for the core of the element of Fire in the stage of conception. It is the descent of spirit incarnated into matter, before being shaped into will; and can send it's  flame or  lightning into any direction. Ace still is not yet full blown fire.  But; an ember that is ready to burst into a full blaze of unrestrained energy.

In interpretation Ace is always a symbol of beginning.  In Wands; it is that of a new enterprise, or creative endeavor. It stands for initiation; the beginning of a family, a journey,  an adventure, or escapade.  Symbol of commencement of an undertaking or of an important attempt. Signifies invention, happiness, good business, which means gain or inheritance. Can predict birth of a child.

Reversed: This card means false departure, travel postponed, gloomy prospects, unrealized issues, or cancellation of projects and even disorderly conduct.  It can point to decline, empty life, and possible torment.

King of
Wands                        The Fiery aspect of Fire

                                                  Opposite cards:        Corresponding cards:

                                                  King of  Cups            King of Swords
                                                  King of Pentacles


King of Wands is represented between the 2lst degree of Scorpio and the 20th degree of Sagittarius.  It stands for  industriousness but with maintaining nobility.  Can also be signal fierce enemy and a temperamental friend, who displays pride, impulsiveness and quickness in circumstances that could not have been predicted.  This is a well-bred, honorable and conscientious person who acts in a mature and wise manner. This is a gentleman, generally married, with a fatherly spirit. However; he is prone to being  overly pious.  He is ever faithful, to friendship and affinities; although he can be poorly prepared for practical realization of his ideals and tasks.

If not standing for a person can bring honesty, friendliness and passion.  Can mean a good marriage or unexpected inheritance. The Querent should be advised to rely on their ability and move forward with confidence while bewaring of premature actions.

Reversed: This card stands for someone domineering, stubborn and authoritarian, yet inclined to thinking, although may be narrow-mindedly or fanatical.  Is very high principled but can be severe and ruthless, even wicked or vengeful.

Queen of
Wands                      The Watery aspect of Fire

                                                  Opposite cards:         Corresponding cards:

                                                  Queen of  Cups           Queen of Swords
                                                  Queen of Pentacles


Queen of Wands is  represented is between the 2lst degree of Pisces and the 20th degree of Aries. Her characteristics are adaptability, persistent energy, mild and tranquil authority she knows how to use in order to attract what she wants. Good-willed and noble, however; she does not tolerate opposition. Nice and reasonable person, pleasant, lovable, honorable, honest, and foremost she  is practical. Full of charm and grace, she has female sympathy that is sincerely interested in others. Capable of deep love and expressiveness, if she wishes. She can possess some vanity, or even conceit. Speaking generally, She has a creative mind capable of lucid thinking and persistent  work, if guided by another.

If not seen as a person. This card denotes success in an undertaking, kindness and generosity, love of home; and the importance of home and family.

Reversed: This card shows possible long speculations, which promote wrong decision and bad response to the consequences. She is easily deceived, but is inclined to deceit, even adultery, herself.  Very sensitive to petty jealousy or insult and can be very vengeful when provoked.  Inclined to resistance, creating obstacles, and opposition;  fickle emotions, reversible and unsteady mood.  May turn against friends. May be subject to depression, but will seek help  to control excesses.

Knight of
Wands                     The Airy/spirit aspect of Fire

                                                  Opposite cards:                    Corresponding cards:

                                                  Knight of  Cups                    Knight of Swords
                                                  Knight of Pentacles


Knight of Wands is represented between the 2lst degree of Cancer and the 20th degree of Leo.  The aspect of fire that can both smoke and evaporate. The Knight's character is his quickness and strength. Such persons are often hasty, especially when expressing own thoughts and positions. This is because they like expressing violent attitudes for the sake of the ideas themselves; without having to determine the ultimate consequence. They are just, however being of the opinion that justice is not possible to reach in intellectual world. They are exceptionally noble and generous. Can possibly be boastful, however also mocking this own trait, being aware of it. They are very romantic. They are enormously and blindly courageous, always patient and enduring.  Will be found fighting on the side of the underdog; but will after some time, become victorious.

The Knight is willing to exert extreme efforts and work hard, Capable of leaving, departing, always ready to travel as they like to advance toward unknown destinations, modifications, flights, and changes.  A Sense of humor is strongly expressed with the Knight, and they can also laugh at themselves.
They are exceptionally proud, even arrogant, and despise pettiness of all kind.  At times it is inclined to acting instinctively.  Yet; can still be prone to hesitation; smoking a while before the fire flames and can be very slow and firmly based, as they understand and see all sides of each and every issue.

If not standing for a person interpretation can indicate a quick departure, immigration, or a change of residence.  It can also indicate the coming ort going of a matter under inquiry.

Reversed: Or under bad influence of other cards, the personal traits are distorted and given to excesses. There can roughness born by indifference, laziness.  Such persons can be intolerant, full of prejudices, as well as boastful, cowards and idlers, refusing to put forth needed effort; provoke disagreements, breaches, unpredicted changes, quarrels.  It can indicate: a lover turned jealous;  work interfered with; discord frustration or conflict. It can signal the disruption of personal relationships, even including Divorce.

Page of
Wands                     The Earthy aspect of Fire

                                                  Opposite cards:                    Corresponding cards:

                                                  Page of  Cups                    Page of Swords                        
                                                  Page of Pentacles          


Page of Wands represents between the 2lst degree of Leo and the 20th degree of Virgo. This represents the nourishment that is the  earthly aspect of Fire. A Person signified by this card is their own, person. Independent and capable but impulsive.. They are  Faithful and loyal, brilliant; but are quick to love or anger.  Always a person of principles and beauty with energy and strength.  In wrath and in love such persons are passionate, hasty, uncompromising. They are ambitious, with high aspirations, full of enthusiasm which but can be irrational. They never forget insults, and the only form of patience they have is waiting for an opportunity for revenge.

In interpretation represents the desire for power, can signify a postman or message coming or some news or tidings. This can signify a friend that can be trusted, stranger with good intentions, emissary, deputy, messenger that brings good new, If next to a man can indicate favorable testimony concerning him.

Reversed: This card signifies people slow to act or hesitant in decision., dissatisfied, unstable, rejecting action, unable to make a decision. Always bringing bad news, inclined to spreading rumors and slander, gossip. They are exhibitionists, extremely shallow and affected in appearance, but fully confident in themselves.  They can be cruel, unreliable, unfaithful, and arrogantly self-sufficient. Despite that, they are great seducers; and will  break your heart. These are instinct-driven, passionate, insatiable persons, completely inconsiderate in satisfying their own needs or pleasures.

Ten of

                                                  Opposite cards:                    Corresponding cards:

                                                  Fool                                             Justice
                                                  Hanged Man                        Six of Swords
                                                  Four of Swords                    Nine of Swords
                                                  Seven of Swords              Five of Wands
                                                  Four of Wands                     Five of Pentacles


This Ten of Wands is influenced by Saturn in Sagittarius. This card shows Fire in its most destructive aspect, blind force without any calming influences. The force is void of spiritual resources. The card is indicates being overburdened, oppression and silenced  It can also stand for the burden of too much power; thus being unwisely used; and can grow into tyranny.

In interpretation, this card denotes excessive burden of work, strong pressures and problems. The card can designate use of power for egotistic goals, or abuse of power. It can stand for energy devoted to only selfish ends. It can indicate being "in a rut" that it does not seem possible to escape; because of the narrow focus of the individual.   It can also stand for being tested, "by fire" or love tested through pain. Which problem will soon be solved, when the test is over.

Reversed:  This card speaks of separation, difficulties, emigration .  It can indicate  intrigues and betrayal, or cheating.  If a lawsuit is pending; Some certain losses can occur.

Nine of
                                              Opposite cards:                    Corresponding cards:
                                                  Three of Cups                      Strength
                                                  Six of Cups                           Two of Swords
                                                  Eight of Cups                       Seven of Wands
                                                                                                          Eight of Pentacles


Nine of Wands is guided by the Moon in Sagittarius. This card forms a foundation to reconstruct equilibrium of the fire energy that has been lost. Can mean a rest in struggle and confirmation of defense, which is in readiness.  It presents itself in a practical, material way and makes the best out of the current situation. This makes the change towards steadiness and stability rather than newness and innovation.

In interpretation Nine denotes waiting and anticipation.  It can point to a past with enemies, injury or disappointment held at bay. Understands in itself discipline and work. It may appears as announcement of difficulties and supposed changes. It points to eventual victory over problems but only after consistent effort.  Can indicate robust health, strength, power and stubbornness.

Reversed: This card can predict weakness  obstacles, hindrances, troubles, problems, lateness, dissatisfaction and ill health.. May point to dereliction of duty, tasks neglected, attention not paid.

Eight of

                                                  Opposite cards:                    Corresponding cards:

                                                  High Priestess                     Magician
                                                  Four of Swords                 Wheel of Fortune
                                                  Seven of Pentacles        Death
                                                                                                           Eight of Cups


Eight of Wands is ruled by the Mercury in Sagittarius, which enables the energy of Fire. This card contains the idea of  the cleansing aspect of fire.  It particularly considers speech, animation and personal magnetism; Also contains the element of quick and powerful force.

Interpreted, this card means speed, quick activity, movement, approaching your goal; or sudden advancement. Things that may be done too hastily; sudden travel, or travel by air. It can also point to not keeping up with circumstances that have changed too quickly. It can also indicate hasty communications; particularly regarding love.

Reversed:  The card stands for the arrows of jealousy; quarrels, discords, dissension and disagreements. It also considers things done behind schedule, not keeping up; lateness,.  It can indicate stagnation, in business affairs; romantic relations or home life; with arguments discord, or sexual disharmony.

Seven of

                                                  Opposite cards:                    Corresponding cards:

                                                  High Priestess                     Five of Swords
                                                  Hanged Man                        Five of Wands
                                                  Three of Pentacles          Nine of Wands 


The Seven of Wands is influenced by Mars in Leo.  This card signifies a fighting courageous stance against odds. It is disturbance of energy, but can hold strong and bring victory. Obstacles and damage have been surmounted, superior enemy defeated.

In interpretation; this card speaks of youthful staying power. Along with having the strategic advantage in competition or trade it promises success. Can also signify advancement, gain, or other benefits that had been hardily sought.

Reversed: This card symbolizes the Querent is threatened. It also cautions against indecision, pretense and ignorance; which can cause loss, hindrances, anxiety, possible increase uncertainty and suspicion.

Six of

                                                  Opposite cards:                    Corresponding cards:

                                                  Tower                                         Chariot
                                                  Ten of Swords                      Sun
                                                  Five of Cups                         Nine of Cups
                                                  Five of Pentacles


Six of Wands presents Jupiter in Leo. This makes the energy of Fire fully balanced. Which reflects harmony and beauty of internal equilibrium. This card indicated achievement, honors and success. Despite the full success, however, this victory is not entirely stable, as too much energy has been spent on it, and thus it is possible to be of a very short lasting.

In interpretation the card means success through industry, Gain and pleasure derived through labor.  It can refer to advancement in the arts and sciences. Speaks of hope, prospects and good news, and a possible inheritance. All wishes are fulfilled, and efforts have yielded fruit.

Reversed: The Six of Wands refers to rewards that are delayed; achievements unrecognized, denotes lateness, superficial benefit, insignificant gain, anxiety.  It can stand forbad sportsmanship and insolence of the victorious.  Cautions to watch for a successful enemy.

Five of

                                                  Opposite cards:                    Corresponding cards:

                                                  Temperance                         Ten of Wands
                                                  The World                                Seven of Wands
                                                  Two of Cups                          Five of Swords
                                                  Two of Pentacles             
                                                  Three of Pentacles           
                                                  Ten of Pentacles


The Five of Wands presents Mars in Scorpio. It stands for the fire of competition. Energy used negatively.  Sometimes the engagement is against superiority; and victory is not assured.  The only certainty is that life is a struggle. This card stands for facing  aggression, strife, obstacles  impediments.

Interpretation shows the need to face obstacles, and confront strife with boldness. It can mean fierce competition in business, in love or internal strife.  It can indicate a lawsuit.

Reversed: This card stands for easy success or opportunities, surmounting obstacles without much trouble, or being the recipient of generosity.

Four of

                                                  Opposite cards:                    Corresponding cards:

                                                  Devil                                           Three of Cups
                                                  Six of Swords                     Two of Pentacles
                                                  Eight of Swords
                                                  Ten of Wands
                                                  Four of Cups


The Four is controlled by Venus in Aries. The fire here is the rejoicement of successful activities requiring skill and patience. With this card there is no striving. The highest idea that is possible by intellect. This  limitation leaves an opening for the joy to begin to dissipate.
In Interpreted Four of Wands means idyll, harmony, gentleness and peace. Designates prosperity to be realized soon, grapes of work and rest after achievement of results. Can also mean joyful company. Romance; or a coming marriage.

Reverse: This card still stands somewhat  for harmony but within it the joys begin to falter and idleness leads to indolence.  It can  symbolize the  loss of rest and peace, or happiness that is somehow incomplete.  It may stand for insecurity or false love.

Three of

                                                  Opposite cards:                    Corresponding cards:

                                                  Two of Swords               Fool
                                                  Ten of Pentacles            Emperor
                                                                                                        Eight of Cups
                                                                                                        Three of Pentacles


The Three of Wands finds the Sun in Aries.  It Represents use of energy by attainment through harmony and agreement. Such agreement is achieved by the power of will. Three of Wands means practical knowledge, clear view in business deals, entrepreneurial and commercially spirit.  It indicates established strength, wealth and power.

In interpretation;. Means strength in a commercial venture or business activity. The card can signify a partnership; or help[ offered by a successful merchant. It can stand for  hopes and dreams that have reached fruition. The card also cautions against pride and arrogance.

Reversed: This card cautions to beware of help offered. There can be treachery and disappointment, betrayal or suspicion.  It can also signify wealth slipping away.

Two of

                                                  Opposite cards:                    Corresponding cards:

                                                  High Priestess                     Magician          
                                                  Hierophant                              Emperor
                                                  Eight of Swords               Chariot
                                                  Ten of Swords                     Sun
                                                  Ten of Pentacles


The Two of Wands is influenced by Mars in Aries.  This sets energy in motion, which is the ideal for any goal. It stands for the initiation of action towards great hopes and dreams. With "the world at your doorstep". Included in vision and courage and audacity in the undertaking.

In interpretation. This card stands for boldness and courage in undertaking a new enterprise. Person referred to has influence over people; who dominates and governs others. They have kindness and generosity yet are unforgiving in nature. It may also stand for scientific methods, achievements or adaptations.

Reversed: This card indicates a good beginning turned sour.  Fear, stubbornness, sorrow, restlessness, physical suffering or a loss of faith.

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Attribute of Fire

Wand represented by either a Branch, Stick , Baton, Staff, or a Club; but sometimes a Wand or Scepter is still comanding.  .  It represents animation energy and growth. This Suit is associated with the world of ideas; and creation in all of it's forms. The wands are always in leaf; suggesting constant renewal. It represents  a Father figure, or male domination, from the creative starting point of each evolution.  It represents commerce; as the endeavor, rather than for profit, like the suit of Pentacles.  It is considered the Suit of the laborer.

Unlike others; I start with the ACE; which represents the purest  form of the Suit. and continue from the strongest: the King to the weakest representation: the Two.  The strongest meaning; expressing more of the specific character represented by the individual Suit

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