Ace of
Swords                      Source of the Power of Air

                                                  Opposite cards:      Corresponding cards:

                                                  Ace of  Cups                    Ace of Wands                                    
                                                  Ace of Pentacles


Ace of Swords is the primordial energy of Air. Conspicuously emphasized in its nature are endurance and absence of self actualized and specific directed instincts.

In interpretative reading this card stands for an important decision, and a lot of initiative, strength, energy and activity.  Also may point to outmoded or old fashioned ideas. However; also to triumph, as in the Self-Made Man.  Power, success, fertility, advancement, can arise.  This card can also announce deep feelings and love.

A Person referred to by this card is the leader in their own field, tending towards success and conquering of any obstacle.

Reversed: This card denotes defeat, collapse, breakdown. May also possibly speak of tyranny, subjecting to another's authority. However also of self-destruction; sterility, obstacles, and quarrels.  Person referred to by this card features a short-tempered spirit; and lack of perseverance.

King of
Swords                      The Fiery aspect of Air

                                                  Opposite cards:      Corresponding cards:

                                                  King of  Cups          King of Wands
                                                  King of Pentacles


King of Swords is represented between the 21st degree of Taurus and the 20th degree of Gemini (Twins).   It represents the power and force of Air, being the whirlwind, storm. Stands for a frantic force of movement applied to a seemingly meek and weak-willed element, the idea of attacking.

A person referred to by this card is industriousness and skillful, sophisticated and sensible. Passionate, tender and warm-hearted, however also the victim of own idea that gets imposed on him as an inspiration without thinking. A determined and active person of authority, experience, and control. Capable of commandeering, professionally skilled and competent in own field. Highly analytical, with host of ideas, thoughts and sketches. Just, strong, domineering.  However; are steady, very energetic and explosive, capable of great inspirations.

Reversed:  All these features are absent their masculine strength, deprived of virility.  Will continue to pursuit something passed sensibility.  And to continue efforts until disaster. Inclined towards insensitivity, clashes of will, egotism, even cruelty or sadism; with possibility for  perversion. This could be a nasty and dangerous person who likes to provoke futile excitement and sorrow.  Such a person is incapable of making decisions and setting their own goals, so whatever undertaken may easily be offset by opposition.

Queen of
Swords                      The Water aspect of Air

                                                  Opposite cards:      Corresponding cards:

                                                  Queen of  Cups           Queen of Wands
                                                  Queen of Pentacles


Queen of Swords is represented between the 21st degree of Virgo and the 2Oth degree of Libra (the Scales).  She represents the watery aspect of Air, like steam or mist that shows flexibility of that element, as well as its conductive qualities.  This card Stands for clear and conscious vision of ideas, being a liberator of the mind.

A Person referred to by this card is an exceptionally clever observer, with an extraordinary gift to discern and focus. Is a sophisticated interpreter. Subtle, of a lively spirit and analytical mind. This is an exceptional individualist, quick and precise; can memorizing data and understand complex ideas.  They  acting self-assuredly; and are Just and merciful. They are known to have musical dance or performing talents with delicate and graceful movements. This card can designate a widow or a woman in mourning, sorrow, poverty, loneliness, or separation. This is possibly a person who used to experience great joys, but; is now suffering from worries about ill fate and bad luck.

Reversed:  Queen of Swords stands for a person who aggressively pursues low and dishonest aspirations.  They are hypocritical and narrow-minded and fickle, although representing themselves as virtuous, are: insidious, cruel, inclined to lies and fanaticism. Perfidious enemy. Possessing a bad, revengeful character. This is exactly why such a person is very dangerous, as superficial beauty and attractiveness make such bad features invisible at first sight.

Knight of
Swords                     The Airy/spirit aspect of Air

                                                  Opposite cards:                    Corresponding cards:

                                                  Knight of  Cups                    Knight of Wands
                                                  Knight of Pentacles


Knight of Swords is represented between the 21st degree of the Capricorn and the 20th degree of Aquarius.  He represents the invisible spiritual quality of Air. Expressing intellectual qualities, image of the essence of disoriented mind, without any ultimate and precisely defined goal.

This card usually portrays an expressed intellectual person, rich in ideas and plans, although often contradictory. Here we have a multitude of nice ideas without  practical attempts or sustained efforts.  Possesses sharp mind and exceptional rationality, however being unsteady in realization of goals, indifferent even to realization of own ideas. Such persons live in their ideal world of reasoning that is completely informal, not necessarily connected to a formal structure of accepted reasoning.

They are never-the-less courageous and resourceful.  They are filled with youthful strength and vigor.  They are always quick and ready for new challenges.  They fear nothing setting off for the unknown and uncertain. Cards that surround him designate the undertaking and  influences and effects experienced by the Knight in his chivalrous conquering.

These people possess immeasurable strength as they are totally free from being enslaved by traditionally settled principles, able to rationalize all sorts of actions and beliefs, being not susceptible to regret or conscience.  Invincible they are, exactly because each and every position satisfies them equally. 

Persons referred to by the Knight of Swords may be of a realistic use only if they are ruled by a creative willpower reinforced by an intelligence greater than theirs; however unlikely. They are totally ethical and it is  not possible to buy or influence them; not even through satiation of their cravings.  Even though they tend towards the hedonistic; burdened by  fierce unbridled desires.

Reversed:  This card points to incapability, carelessness, impulsive mistakes, stupidity as a consequence of vanity.  Persons referred to by this card are unsteady, may take to drinking or narcotics use. They are prone to discussions and disputes, and immeasurable conflicts.  The follow their momentary desires, without regard to the consequences. They may change directions and roam from one relationship to another; or from one vice to another. It is rather easy for one to be deceived by such a person, because they are expressive and imaginative; and  possesses a sense of personal power. This is how they build for themselves their good name thanks to depth and scope of thought.

Page of
Swords            The Airy/spirit aspect of Air

                                                  Opposite cards:                    Corresponding cards:

                                                  Page of  Cups                    Page of Wands
                                                  Page of Pentacles          


Page of Swords is represented between the 21st degree of the Aquarius and the 20th degree of  Pisces. It represents the earthly element that brings Air into substance. It affects permanence, like a thickening of what could normally evaporate. Brings materialization of an  idea, showing the effect of the Sky on the Earth.

A Person designated by this card features an irreconcilable and vengeful character, capable of observing and unveiling the unknown or what has not been defined.  They are sharp-minded, careful, active, agile and enterprising. This is a normally flexile person, who is lively, ready to face and accept unknown dangers. They could even be engaged in crime or espionage. They are very active, yet discrete, and discriminating. When such a person's logic if faulty; it can be very destructive, because they are so firm and aggressive about their positions.  They  express great reasoning and sensibility, with speed in settling practical problems, especially if they are of a contradictory nature. Such persons are very skillful in solving contradictions and controversies. Many are endowed with practical wisdom and are highly sophisticated about supernatural matters.

Reversed: All the exceptional features are fragmented and dis-jointed and there is a difficulty in finding focus.  The  person becomes  unbalanced and all the natural abilities lead to frustration of ambition; and make the person lean toward depressed ideas and hostility.  This minimizes the ability to advance, making the goals seem unworthy of the efforts and means necessary to achieve them. Such are helpless facing worldly strength, and because of giving up; find themselves unprepared for the challenges. This inverted card can also designate persons who are ill or awaited for by some serious illness.
Generally those represented by this card are people are mentally sluggish, restless, anxious and incapable of being responsible, especially in family relations. Still, they are proud and arrogant and follow their own will. Although it may seem that everything goes wrong for them, their choices are often correct, thus appropriate to their nature.

Ten of
                                                  Opposite cards:          Corresponding cards:

                                                  Chariot                              Hanged Man
                                                  Two of Wands             Eight of Swords
                                                  Six of Wands
                                                  Nine of Cups


The card is ruled by the Sun in Gemini.  The card warns against struggling against odds so that your positive energies are diminished everything ends in destruction. However, amidst the struggle you must look for the moment for a change in the tide for a reversal of fortunes; where the partial destruction brings about renewed strength. Thus this ten represents the climax of energy or an idea, not to be repressed.

It Designates a wild anticipation; with sometimes unthinking mechanical reasoning.  Stands for an artistic mind or madman's logic. This card is incarnation of reason fully; that can be  alienated and estranged from mundane reality. In this card the Air element reaches its maximum strength, that, under the influence of the Mercury, spills over in abundance. Sometimes this presents confusion and disorder the abandons the old for the creative newness; which can compromise the formerly stable and harmonized energy.

In interpretative reading this card appears as designation of ruining, disaster, pain, mourning, devastation.  It may forecasts tears, misfortune, suffering, or disappointment. In that same manner it can also he a symbol of creative passion and lust for life, characteristic of the artistic temperament. Which is not without torment and  regret.

Reversed: The card still may  mean advancement, benefit, profit, as well as arbitrary gain, especially if brought about through surrounding cards.  Can offer abrupt advancement and improvement and success, momentary promotion or temporary favorable situation.

Nine of
                                                  Opposite cards:          Corresponding cards:

                                                  Star                                        Devil          
                                                  Ten of Cups                     Three of Swords
                                                  Judgement                       Six of Swords
                                                  Three of Cups               Ten of Wands
                                                  Six of Cups


Number nine is signified as Mars in Gemini.  The card brings energy back to the central pole of the Tree of Life, to establishes order. However, the strength of mind (Air) is focused more on force than goals. It is seen by some as passion that has been perverted  from the natural course to become almost obsessive. It is not guided by reason. This is the world guided by the baser instincts, of  psychopaths and fanatics. It can be the use of  intellectual capability to oppress and/or punish. (an inquisitor's nature).

Thought has gone through all possible stages, but concludes in despair. This card is like a monument to the condemned.  With a sense of futility  awareness that nothing really leads to anywhere.   The sense of being a rat in a maze with no beginning or end.

In interpretative reading this card speaks of misery, worries, and quarrels. Means misfortune, bad luck, failure.  This represents the unfair Judge; or justice denied. Person referred to worries about his beloved ones, is tortured and suffers hard times, slipping gradually into despair.

Reversed:  The card's strength is weakened, it speaks of doubts and suspicion, false accusations and allegations, injustice can present the possibility of degradation , disgrace, or other loss of position.  Person referred to by the card is shy, a coward, and weak of character; so has a justifiable  reason to experience fear and anticipation.

Eight of
                                                  Opposite cards:            Corresponding cards:

                                                  Magician                              Devil
                                                  Chariot                                 Moon
                                                  Two of Wands               Ten of Swords
                                                  Four of Wands
                                                  Three of Pentacles


Here Eight is represented by the presence of Jupiter in Gemini.  This card demonstrates a weakness in mental capability and discernment.  Which along with lack of  enough passion  to sustain the individual in their mental and struggle. It shows a generosity of spirit, that can be debilitating or even destructive.  The will is not hampered by either external forces or internal pressures. 

There is a favorable effect as it. bringing about fortuitous results although perhaps not those anticipated.  This element of the unexpected, of meddling of a pure and unpredicted luck, puts on more in the hands of  Fate; than the will of the individual.

In interpretative reading this card signals a  crisis, dispute, criticism, restraint or suppression of the desired results. In may also speak of possible falsity;  incriminations, accusations, bad news, maybe even  prison or some other type of undesired domination.

Reversed:  This card speaks of the lost and  bygone.  What is old, pr an unfortunate occurrence, injury or fatality; might signify one holding a grudge; regarding those events.   Also indicates hardships or toiling. A Person indicated by this card is devastated,  heavy at heart; and feeling lost and without  hope.

Seven of
                                                  Opposite cards:          Corresponding cards:

                                                  Hierophant                      Hermit                    
                                                  Justice                               Two of Swords
                                                  Ten of Wands               Five of Swords
                                                  Six of Cups                     Nine of Pentacles


Seven in Swords is ruled by the Moon in Aquarius. Because of  this; the destructive aspect of the Seven card is somewhat modified. Although it still stands for a persistent futility;  it is turned to a more passive, and  enduring sign.  The  energy it expresses is in a fantasy world of imagining and daydreaming.  This renders the subject  incapable of persistent, enduring work;  which is the only way possible to reach fruits of own effort. The depression spoken of by this card is not complete, but will continue for some time. Perhaps as something that must be endured for growth. 

So in a sense  the card represents more of a hesitation in effort, rather that a termination. Which can be indulged and  tolerated. However, under certain circumstances consequences are possible to be more worse that others; so care is needed. This depends solely on how successful one is in game of politics, in this case practicing the policy of indulgence and reconciliation.

In interpretative reading this card may mean new projects, desires, strength, effort, should be approached with caution. Speaks of hopes and confidence, fantasies attempts and intentions; but little realization.

Reversed: This card designates quarrel, insincere comments, bad advice, disgrace, or a whispering campaign.  Person referred to is careful, but may be a gossip or troublemaker.

Six of
                                                  Opposite cards:          Corresponding cards:

                                                  Strength                              Devil
                                                  Sun                                        Nine of Swords
                                                  Four of Wands              Ten of Wands
                                                  Three of Cups               Four of Cups
                                                                                                    Five of Cups


Six is represented by  Mercury in Aquarius. This fully establishes equilibrium within the concept of Air. Element of success revolving round this card leaves gradually the idea of division and dispute. There  indicates a divine energy having a forceful  influence of  expressing peace, wisdom or well being. 

The intellect rises above pettiness to achieve whatever goal is at hand.  There is a subliminal influence within this card for perfect balance of all mental and spiritual qualities, which were hard to achieve; and could be difficult to preserve.  The ideas of science, education, advanced learning  are to be fully expressed and pursued.

In interpretative reading this card also points to travel, shifting, getting over something, success after worrying, or urgent moves.

Reversed: This card points to uncertainty;  misunderstood positions or inexperienced and undertakings  that are ill advised, or consequences unwished for and unanticipated. The card can also refer to a confession or declaration. Speaks of an absence of immediate options to solve current problems or possible difficulties.

Five of
                                                  Opposite cards:          Corresponding cards:

                                                  Emperor                          Seven of Swords          
                                                  Justice                                Five of Wands
                                                  Temperance                    Seven of Wands
                                                  Six of Cups


The Five is ruled by Venus in Aquarius, The influence of Venus on the emotions make the strength of the sword overcome by the emotions. Mind has been softened and weakened by feelings. In this case reconciliation, with another  is seen as vulnerability and defeat; or as subjugationr. Disaster is caused of weakness, rather than mis-used strength. This card generally creates splitting up, announces clashes breaking out, followed by defeat.

In interpretative reading this card means conquer, however also suffering some loss, destruction of fellow-beings, and degradation. Adversaries may recover. The card means loss of honour, however also shamelessness. Might also indicate removal from position, or revocation of privilege or status.

Reversed: This card indicates uncertain perspectives and weakness. Risk exists to suffer loss or damage. A sudden accident or injury, or other

Four of
                                                  Opposite cards:          Corresponding cards:

                                                  Magician                          High Priestess
                                                  Wheel of Fortune          Hermit
                                                  Eight of Wands             Hanged Man
                                                  Ten of Wands               Seven of Pentacles
                                                  Two of Pentacles


The number Four card is ruled by the Jupiter in Libra.  This card forms the foundation  of the sphere of intellect. It expresses itself  by the idea of power in intellectual world.  With some rigidity it can establish dogma and laws.  As such it presents refuge from mental disorder. It can be arbitrary in the determination. However; the goal is conciliation and agreement.  The essence of this card is negotiated agreement, compromise.  Thus  it aids suiting those who are indecisive or  negligent and afraid of making decisions. Male nature of Air shows dominance. It shows structure and organization, (getting everything lines up and in it's proper place). 

In interpretative reading this card announces rest, recovery after disability; and revitalization of internal mental strength. With certain combinations could portend  exile, retreat, or abandonment. Can also indicate a certain  aloneness, but; with  peace and acceptance.

Reversed: This card means activity, the opposite of calm. Bustling about; yet still with some precaution, and reasonable advancement, carefulness, as well as economy of resources and action. Speaks also of desire to restore and re-affirm what may have been lost.

Three of
                                                  Opposite cards:          Corresponding cards:

                                                  Lovers                               Five of Cups                    
                                                  Three of Cups              Nine of Swords
                                                  Ten of Cups                    Five of Pentacles


The Three is ruled by Saturn in the Libra. It brings sorrow.  It Represents the Great Mother and the varied  mysteries of creation.  Yet expresses the idea of division, alteration.  This is shown somewhat in loss experienced by the transitory (airy) nature of life; which can also be bleak and grave. Which can signal illness, Death, "the  winter of our discontent" which brings sadness over change and loss.

In interpretative reading this card appears as absence, expectation let down or separation.  It can be the commencement of disputes or legal actions.  Indicates a possibility of moving (changing place), or of diversions. It indicates resistance to plans, opposition, breaking off, division, separation, or lateness.

Reversed: This card designates  confusion, lack of mental focus; mental or emotional distress, or error. Person referred to might be unaccountable, may feel grief or regret of past dealings and events. Can also indicate the or experience of unexpected losses or alienation of  that which has been relied upon.

Two of
                                                  Opposite cards:          Corresponding cards:

                                                  Fool                               Moon
                                                  Wheel of Fortune          Seven of Swords
                                                  Star                                        Nine of Swords
                                                  Justice                                 Four of Pentacles
                                                  Three of Wands  


The Two is guided by the Moon in Libra. For a Sword this card expresses stability;  relative calm, and restoration or recovery.  The Moon's influence tempers the keep energy of the Swords. Two of Swords used to be called: "God of the Restored Peace". Peace is sometimes mis-understood as softness; but in reality it represents power, or a strength than none dare to oppose. Thus this card represents the establishment of  and maintenance of  equilibrium you might call the status quo.

In interpretative reading this card appears as reflection of balanced strength, harmony, and, can even represent compensation received or a stable bond of love and affection.  May possibly also indicate reserve, anxiousness, or a conservative approach.

Reversed: This card stands for duplicity, lie, false statements, hypocrisy and betrayal. Can show the lack or loss of stability; of possible false friends or of being dishonored.

Attribute of Air
Sword represents the Intellectual Spirit of matter and Will. It is an instrument that cuts and  therefore represents division.  Swords rule all manifestations of intellect, which represents turbulence and are the battlefield of unrest.  They are susceptible to significant changes more than any other Suit; from power and strength to sadness and sorrow.

The Sword is a Two edged sword; cutting both ways; thus it combines both the Male and the Female principes in Balance.  It is both a weapon along with being in the shape of cross; it represents a form of Judgement.

Sword usually represents aggression, boldness, courage and strife; and can sometimes mean hatred, or enemies.  This is the Suit of the warriors.

Unlike others; I start with the ACE; which represents the purest form of the Suit. and continue from the strongest: the King to the weakest representation: the Two.  The strongest meaning; expressing more of the specific character represneted by the individual Suit.

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