RUNE "Mysteries"
The Meaning of the Stones

Heimdall and Mordgud:  the God & Goddess of  Weather
These stand for protection,  change with creation and harmony.
                     Younger  FUTHARK
   THE NAME THIS ALPHABET IS CALLED after it's First Six letters
divided into Three sections: the First is FREY'S aett the Elder FUTHARK

the 2nd, HAGAL'S aett  and the 3rd,  TYR'S AETT: are the Younger FUTHARK
Hagalz  Nauthiz   Isa    Jera    Eihwaz  Perth   Algiz  Sowelu
Hagalz stands for  "hailstone"; representing Power and the unchanging structure & pattern of life.  It is seen as facilitator & controller to focus energies.


It gererally reflects Disaster, sudden Loss, Ordeal, Destruction, Clearance, Testing, drastic Change; which is always a predecessor to new growth.  Meaning  that an important Change is coming.; perhaps a whole new Reality.  It shows Hassles, Hurdles, disruptive Forces with events beyond or out of ones control.  There could possibly  be unconscious influences operating. Because major Change is coming, avoid long term planning.  It also shows a time of Trial, testing your mettle, delays and limitations, hardship & suffering.  Affliction, Pain or Loss will be necessary before you can move on to the next cycle and grow. There is possibly experiencing a natural Disaster; or somethng with that severe of an effect.

If combined with (Isa) or (Nauthiz) ill effects are greatly increased.


There is no reverse due to it's shape.
Nauthiz is the force of friction and resistance which builds up the individual strength and will.  It embodies the need for sacrifice for the sake of results. It id used to direct and guide energy for a purpose;  or to use the controlled power of imbalance; to guide all the energy towards one path.  The sacrifice in one area, is to gain greater rewards in another.


Shows having to endure: Poverty, Hardship, Responsibility, Discontent, Obstace, Frustration.  May be because of  unacknowledged needs. Sometimes for supressing your self identity and learning to deal with severe constraint. A Caution is to resist greed.  The person has family or military obligations; or facing a long schooling; and need  to postpone marriage or a good job.  Although personal life is restricted, which leaves emotional hunger; you must forbear; and accept. Sacrifices are necessary to achieve the ultimate end. 


There is a need for initiation, progress and evolution. Control your anger, restrain impulses & cleanse, in order to strengthen your character. Proceed with caution, Hasty actions predispose failure. Begin with the difficult and work towards easy. There must initiation and evolution.
The name Isa means "Ice". Which is considered as powerful a force as Fire.  It embodies cold, barrenness, death and still peace. Isa is also known as the "I" RUNE - giving strength to the Ego.  It does this by: guarding the ego from dissolution by holding the concentration firm and warding against stress; as well as providing  mental grounding when you venture into  life's unknowns 

Stalemate, Inactivity, Blockage, Stagnation, Reflection, Potential Patience, Withdrawal, Rest, or Waiting.  Conserve and Build.  Shed the outdated and thaw will follow. Unlikllihood of Positive accomplishments. There will be sacrifice and  Disagreements with close friends. Cooling of a relationship; Freeze, Halt, Impasse or Frustrations. If you have no control over the cause; Be patient, Spring follows Winter as Day follows night. You must Guard against Stealth and Treachery, Illusion, Deceit, Betrayal, Ambush,  and Plots.  Do not secumb to Entrapment and Seduction.


There is no reverse due to it's shape.
The name Jera literally means "year". The shape of Jera shows  The juxtiposition of opposites.   As the Two Seasons of the Germanic Year.  Summer (Fire) and Winter (Ice), which work upon each other continuously as interacting complements; much like the times of the waxing and waning Moon.  It referrs to a complete Cycle, or "a period of a Year."  It shows the natural development of spiritual understanding,  of having patience and of awareness.


Indicates to movie in harmony with your inner self and the world around you.  It shows Change, Cycle Turning, Reward, Motion, Productivity; not of immediate gratification, but  a delayed outcome.  Usually One (1) Year. You should have Patience. regarding Fulfillment of plans. It can indicate harsh words that may end a friendship.  Always shows the end of a cycle and beginning of a new one.  It also shows the balancing scale of Justice. You will reap.what you sow, and you should not Judge others, or you will be judged.  Combined with Isa, this signifies possible retribution for past misdeeds.


There is no reverse due to it's shape.

Eihwaz stands for the Yew Tree.  The most powerful in Magick, used for making power wands or other objects.  It is associated with the Tree of Life. The Yew tree is also known as the "Tree of Death" and stands at the threshold between Life and Death   It is said, the Yew Tree, "can trap the souls" of the unwary; and prevent their travel to the "otherworld".

Stands for Change, Initiation, Turning Point, Confrontation of Fears, and Transformation. Letting everything go, with the ability to achieve a desire through Tenacity.  Delay can be  beneficial even inconvenience and discomfort.  It may help progress through Perseverance and  Foresight.  To Overcoming the Barriers you must be clear on what you see and believe in your expectations  Although it shows Strength, Reliability, Dependability, Trustworthiness; there is a lack of imagination or initiative.  This Rune relates to the Past.  It could be news from an old friend or enemy. The  Person is perhaps held back; by false nostalgia for the past, or the recurrance of an old problem, not properly concluded.  It can also represent an Honest Man that can be relied upon.  It also stands for  the spiritual past, and the cyclical nature of life and Death.  It can predict Death, but shows  Death is not to be feared, since it is the evolution of the Soul.


There is no reverse due to it's shape.
Perth is the RUNE of divination. To be used for all manner of divinations as well as for an understanding of the workings of Wyrd through the world. Perthro has also been interpreted as the grave-mound, which is closely bound in thought to the Well of Wyrd, as both contain the concealed treasures of the past.


It's message is for Rebirth, Mystery, Magic, Divination, Fertility, Sensuality, Prophecy, New Beginnings. It can stand for a secret, a secret gift, secret love, or spiritual guide. Something is hidden.especially in your past history. Or; for the Destiny that is hidden from you. The message is that nothing external matters, except as it affects your inner self and that inner changes need to, take place.  This rune can signal unexpected  gifts, even abundance, Luxury, opulance, lavishness.or other material gains. Or possible benefit or help coming from mysterious person or source.


Fortells, Debauchery, Decadence, Excess, Superficiality, Drunkeness, Lasciviousness, Gluttony, Physical Pleasure or a secret from the past will be revealed which will cause harm.  You should not focus on this past. You will suffer If you repeat the old.  You need to learn from past mistakes ;and focus on new outcomes, but not expect to much.  You may have "Bad Luck" but you need to plod along and get through it.
Sowelu is named for the Sun, an active power which either shows itself as a whirling Ball of fire,  or as a Thunderbolt.  Sowelu stands for the invincible power of the will. Which is the ultimate power and  triumph over all.


Self-Realization. and Success in all things,  Positive Energy, Increase, Power, Activity, Fertility, Health. Wholeness, Completeness. It Cautions not to withdraw from your efforts and pursuits. Because; what you're striving for is already within your grasp. That you should be strong; and with compassion, and you will succeed.  But you need to take time to regenerate and sharpen your mind, to be less niave.  Relationships may be complex, but accent on independence and originality. Not the mundane.  The keynote it "go for it", when this Rune is with you all abides.


There is no reversed to this RUNE due to it's shape.

The name Algiz is derived from the words for "elk", "swan" and stands for "protection". It refers to the spirit in earthly shape that is humanity; and is the Guardian of the gate between mankind and the Gods. It also controls the summoning of the Powers and acts for Warding off Evils, danger and negetive forces.


It mainly serves for Protection, Assistance, Defense, Warning, Support, A Mentor.and Sanctuary to promote emotional stability and positive personal conduct. It as well shows a caing and protecting relationship.  It helps you to observe and control your emotions and to see what is holding you back.  Mainly; it is for Clensing and Warding off external evils, negetivity and bad influences, as well as helping controling the bad "vibes", internal Evils.


It cautions to consider and protect your  health, avoid excesses, tone down expectations, be wary of new associations and conscious of those who would use you for their own purposes. Be cautious in all new endearver and do not take any financial risks. Take time for introspection and Clensing yourself of "weaknesses".

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RUNES   3rd Aett
Summoning Spirit
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Iss, Eis, Is
(Sound: "ee"  )

ODIN/Frost Giants
Element of Water/Ice

Color: White / Number:9
Stone(s): Diamond, Gem Silica
Alder Tree / Sweet Pea

Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Tarot Card: XVIII - The Moon

Talisman Uses:

Used to absolutely Bind or Stop, prevent action & sheild from other power. Heals numbness, Calms Hysteria, & Eases Pain.
Hagall, Hagl,
Haegl, Hail
(Sound: "h"  )

Element of Water/Hail

Color: Red / Number: 8
Stones: Onyx. Crystal
Yew/Ash Tree / Fern

Zodiac Sign:Aries
Tarot Card: -XVI - The Tower

Talisman Uses:

Caused shange, to rid distructive forces,& unwanted influences.
Healing wounds, scrapes & cuts..
Jer, Ger, Ar
(Sound :"j"  )

Element the Earth

Color: Green / Number: 4
Stone(s): Moss Agate, Carnelian
Oak Tree / cornflower

Zodiac Sign:Virgo
Tarot Card: IX - The Hermit

Talisman Uses:

Bring slow & progressive change, & visions to reality. Aids insight & guides you in timing of actions. To hange something to it's  opposite. Heals bowel & digestive problems..
Eihwas, Ihwar,
Eoh, Ihwas
(Sound:  "eo"  )

Element: Air

Color: Indigo / Number: 5
Stone(s): black Tourmaline,
Smokey Quartz
Yew Tree / Lilac

Zodiac Sign: Libra
Tarot Card: XI - Justice

Talisman Uses:

Used to call Primal  Wisdom & Store and Send Power, (to Wands & Staves) for divination; to Bring  profound  Change, Strengthen will, .for Power over the dead, can Ward off Death. Heals Eye problems & aids against Vertigo.
Perthro, Pirthra,
Perthrold, Peord
(Sound:   "p" )

Element of Water

Color: Silver Blu / Number: 3
Stone(s): Aqua Marine
Aspen / Chrysanthemum

Zodiac Sign:Pisces
Tarot Card:  XII - The Hanged Man

Talisman Uses:

Used to encrease magical power, to see the Wisdom of the Runes, synchronicity, higher Divination,& finding things, for .Past life contact; fertility and easing childbirth.

Algis, Elhaz
(Sound:"zz" )

Element of Air

Color: Blue / Numbers 9
Stones: Amethyst
Yew Tree / Sedge plant

Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Tarot Card: IX - The Hermit

Talisman Use:
Protection from all negetives, fill your surroundings with power. protection, warding off harm, especially passing ailments and desease, helps anxiety, head injuries & headaches.
Sowilo, Saugil,
Sygel, Sigel, Sol
(Sound:  "s" )

Element of  Air

Color: Yellowgold / Number: 1
Stone(s): Ruby
Juniper Tree / St. Johns Wort

Zodiac Sign: Leo
Tarot Card: XIX - The Sun
Talisman Uses:

Promotes interpersonal, active Will. strength, self confidence.; Heals skin ailments & burns,.
Naudiz, Nyd
Naudhr, Nauths 
(Sound:  "n" )

Element of Fire
Color: Black / Number:7
Stone(s): Obsidian
Mountain Ash Tree / Crocus

Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Tarot Card:  XV the Devil

Talisman Uses:.

Gives inner strength  For Spells & counterspells, banishing, tunes down sexual  problems.  Heals back problens & controls fevers. Helps with strains and Arm injuries.