Ace of
Pentacles            Source of the Power of Earth
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                                                  Ace of  Swords                    Ace of Cups                                   
                                                  Ace of Wands


Ace of Pentacles reflects manifestation of the type of energy that is called Earth.  This card represents eternal synthesis; the great whole of the invisible universe through the realization of counter balanced power. It appears as a symbol of perfection, prosperity,  great happiness, ecstasy and successful bliss.

When interpreted; it represents the beginning of wealth, and material gain.  Standing for the acquisition of  gold, gold coins, or other objects of great value, the accumulation of treasures; combined with beauty and pleasure.  Person referred to by this card, is their own taskmaster; and is successful and accomplished. This card, can also indicate a successful combination of spiritual and material aspects of one's life.

Reversed: This card signifies miserliness and greed.  It can be a false start,  or material gain, without happiness, or comfortable material conditions that may not necessarily end up being an advantage. Sometimes indicates attempts to gain something that is actually unattainable.  Also can stand for the corruption by money, or assets wasted.

King of
Pentacles          The Fiery aspect of Earth

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                                                  King of  Swords          King of  Cups
                                                  King of Wands


King of Pentacles represented between the 2lst degree of Leo and the 20th degree of Virgo. This fiery segment of Earth elates to mountains, earthquakes and the force of gravity,  In addition shows the effect of the Earth as the source of life; having to do with food, nourishment and agriculture.

Those referred to by this King are usually successful leaders, of both character and intelligence. those who approach their business tasks thoughtfully. Such are capable of making wise investments and increasing their assets.  They are successful in business; and are very diligent and patient.  But are inclined toward material issues and possessions. They feature talent for mathematics. They are loyal friends, is usually married.  Are serious spouses with imagination and a romantic nature. This card shows a steady temperament and slow to anger. However; person may tend to be somewhat blunt, and can be slow, or somewhat sluggish at times.

Reversed: This card denotes someone who is corruptible, who may be stupid, but is dangerous when crossed. Can be someone who would use any means to reach his goals.   Such person is not loyal, being a miser and producing only danger and risk for those surrounding him. They may be coarsely mannered and are  jealous and  envious of others superior.  They are inclined toward too much ambition and meddle everywhere; spoiling efforts and opportunities for others if they can. They may be controlled by religion or superstition and waste lot of time in idle daydreaming. This card cautions against association with gamblers and speculators.

Queen of
Pentacles           The Watery aspect of Earth

                                             Opposite cards:      Corresponding cards:

                                                  Queen of  Spades           Queen of Cups
                                                  Queen of Wands


Queen of Pentacles is represented reigning between the 2lst degree of Sagittarius and the 20th degree of Capricorn. She is the embodiment of security and trust; showing enduring tolerance in the most sublime form. This card represents the consummate Earth Mother, and all types of creation on the physical plane. She stands for generosity of purpose and of spirit; along with richness and opulence.

Persons denoted by this card feature exceptional, however quiet and modest virtues. May be sensual and lustful, but it is expressed in a subtle manner. These are rich, noble and generous persons who love ultimate comfort; and are dignified friends. This card denotes prosperity and good state, happiness, luxury, and comfortable wealth that brings grace and dignity. People referred to by this card are ambitious, but; meek and modest, industrious; but in a practical an useful direction. Characterized by immeasurable love and tenderness, gentleness and kindness. The have instinct and intuition, but are not intellectual or particularly clever.  This card can stand for a good use of practical talents; opulence, security and advises trusting those around you.

Reversed: This card signifies fear of failure, neglect of duties; changeability and dependence on others. Can signal false prosperity, insecurity, and restriction. Person referred to by this card doubts their ability, neglects responsibility, is full of vices and may seem dull and foolish persons. May be "in a rut"; not able to experience happiness in life. They can also be inclined towards depression, drinking or narcotics, or other escape.

Knight of
Pentacles          The Airy/spirit aspect of Earth

                                             Opposite cards:          Corresponding cards:

                                                  Knight of  Swords          Knight of Cups
                                                  Knight of Wands


Knight of Pentacles represented rules between the 2lst degree of Aries and the 20th degree of Taurus.  This card emphasizes male virility coming into life. Person denoted by this card possesses enormous energy.  He represents a man of upright nature who is laborious and patient. He can be engaged in wrestling with practical issues and can be firm and unshakeable. This is a responsible person of a thoughtful, meditative nature, who is methodical, patient, and can be counted on.

This person is an able, resourceful, also tireless worker; who is clever, careful and steady capable of performing any task well. However; this is not a person of great sensitivity; and being task oriented, may seem dull or intolerant or unfeeling altogether. Hard to make angry, but once aroused will not be easily appeased.  This card can represent good governing and organization; trustworthiness or utility and serviceability.  Or attaining your goals through slow, measured, carefully thought and executed plans. It can also signify the coming or going of an important matter connected with money.

Reversed: This card  points to a static unprogressive nature; someone dull timid or idle. It can also refer to carelessness, or  affairs that are neglected,  stagnation,  inertia, absence of organization and narrow unprogressive  thoughts; that are limited by a dogmatic manner of thinking, idleness, laziness.

Page of
Pentacles          The Earthy aspect of Earth

                                              Opposite cards:                    Corresponding cards:

                                                  Page of  Swords                    Page of  Cups
                                                  Page of Wands          


Page of Pentacles represented 2lst degree of Taurus and the 20th degree of Gemini. Represents the earthly segment of Earth on the verge of transformation. The temperament of a person designated by this card is that of a student, scholar.  Someone who  is a typical introvert and is careful, diligent and capable of deep concentration and devotion to work.

They are studious, inclining to thinking and contemplation; and have respect for knowledge along with the desire for learning and mastering of new ideas.  This person can be a perfectionist or an innovator. Students of life; they depend much on influences around them and so may be viewed as inconsistent.  This card can stand for good application, or careful management; or the bringer of good news or massages regarding money.

Reversed: This card denotes dissipation and excess luxury. Or having too much pleasure in the material things of life.  It can point to people making rash choices without study or contemplation.  or taking bad risks; gambling, and wastefulness. The card can point to the threat of loss from thefts. The card may also stand for news of the loss of money or worldly goods.

Ten of

                                               Opposite cards:                    Corresponding cards:
                                                  Two of Wands                     Empress
                                                  Three of Wands                Lovers
                                                  Five of Wands                  World
                                                                                                       Four of Pentacles


The Ten of Pentacles is guided by Mercury in Virgo. The Ten stands for final product; or the accumulation of considerable  time and effort.  It stands for riches and inheritance along with family ancestral pride and status. It warns us that already acquired wealth needs to be used for a purpose and not be wasted.  That the value of the overall effort must be shifted from only continued gathering of treasures; which is immobile; to action which should be directing the power inherent to the wealth towards action; and to use the gains productively.  Possibly for the social good rather than the production of more wealth.
Interpreted; this card appears as designation of prosperity, wealth, material security and family, home. The positioning of the card may show it referring to acquiring a home or business; or a contest of a will; where an inheritance is in question or to family problems, regarding property or family stability.  Which can also refer to the final establishment of ones position in the family.

Reversed: This card indicates family misfortune; a possible loss of inheritance.  It cautions involvement in bad risk, questionable opportunities and possible loss from theft, loss by disorganization or gambling. Can also refer to older people becoming a burden on the family.

Nine of

                                               Opposite cards:                    Corresponding cards:

                                                  Empress                                  Chariot
                                                  Seven of Cups                      Seven of Swords
                                                  Three of Pentacles


The Nine  of Pentacles is controlled by Venus in Virgo. This card indicates good luck by being in the position of favor, in the material sense .  It offers the sense of peace and security in ones possessions and accomplishment.  It indicates steadiness and solidarity in having the good of life. Balance in its fulfillment, and wisdom of where your interest lies.  However; one should guard against self satisfaction that leads to complacency or insensitivity which gives a false sense of security; and without preparation for possible change.
Interpreted; this card pictures that good luck and good conduct bring ultimate success in business and family affairs. It refers to certainty, security, carefulness and precise reasoning. It can signify a home and garden.  Person referred to feels a love for nature, or is a person with a green thumb.

Reversed: This card announces a loss of home and friendship or of some object of great value. fraud, threatened security, danger from theft, ill faith.  Appearance of this card advised one to move with caution.

Eight of

                                               Opposite cards:                    Corresponding cards:

                                                  Four of Cups                         Magician
                                                  Seven of Cups                      Hierophant
                                                                                                         Nine of Wands


The Eight of Pentacles finds Mercury at a high point in Virgo. Which indicates the pure love of money, and wisdom in dealing with material things. This is the card of saving money, hoarding, preparation and represents a calculating element. It is in tuned to the land, agriculture, production or construction.
Interpreted; this card  expresses learning, acquisition of knowledge, accomplishment and skill in handiwork. It can represent someone who is learned, productive and accomplished in their trade. It can represent the display of accomplishments, credits or awards.  Or can indicate physical work and a large investment of personal efforts. Person referred to is sincere, open, and modest but one who puts a high value on their accomplishment and loves their possessions.

Reversed: This card refers to failing in one's ambitions; lack of ambition, false vanity. Person referred to may be inclined to hypocrisy, flattering, petty intrigues; they may try to take credit for accomplishments of others; or use their own skill or talents for crafty or illegal pursuits.

Seven of

                                              Opposite cards:                    Corresponding cards:

                                                  Wheel of Fortune                 Empress
                                                  Five of Pentacles                 Justice
                                                  Eight of Wands                       Judgement
                                                                                                           Five of Swords


The Seven of Pentacles is under the influence of Saturn in Taurus, It indicated a depressed period; with a lack of inspiration and motivation.  It is demonstrated by giving up on hopes and dream; and perhaps even any effort.  Former ambition, striving and desires have been left by the wayside. Investments have been lost, working has been slowed to a halt. Friendship activity stopped. Everything has become sluggish.

In interpretation;  It may refer to someone who is openhearted but naïve, and has felt abandoned by circumstances. It frequently refers to hard work or work that has become mere drudgery with out the possibility of change for the better. It can stand for a sudden loss or an unprofitable speculation, or anxiety regarding a loan or commitment.  If surrounded by good cards, this card can possibly mean a pause for new growth, progress to come and a successful conclusion after a period of rest.

Reversed: This card is a designation of concern, impatience, restlessness. May mean loss of money.  A lot of work without much gain.  It may refer to an inconsiderate act, controversial opinions, opposition resistance; or financial worry.

Six of

                                                  Opposite cards:                    Corresponding cards:
                                         (opposites within this card)
                                                                                                              Ten of Wands
                                                                                                              Five of Pentacles
                                                                                                              Seven of Pentacles
                                                                                                              Ten of Pentacles


The Six of Pentacles is controlled by the Moon in Taurus.  This effects complete harmony which represents an approach towards perfection. The practical weight of Earth brings ideas and dreams to materiality. It shows wealth and success that is justly deserved; yet still tempered by goodness and generosity towards others.
In interpretation; this card suggests a noble heart, mercy and compassion. May refer to substantial gifts, inheritance and generosity.  Can also stand for satisfaction through material rewards justly received.  It can indicate receipt of a fair share of benefits, or a just reward.

Reversed: This card denotes jealousy, unfairness and envy.  It refers to a person or people who give less than their share of efforts or work and want and expect more than their share of the benefits. Predicts a bad debt, or loan not going repaid, That current prosperity is threatened. This card can also stands for selfishly motivated giving or bribery.

Five of

                                                  Opposite cards:                    Corresponding cards:

                                                  Strength                                        Tower
                                                  Temperance                              Three of Swords
                                                  Sun                                                   Five of Cups
                                                  Six of Wands                           Ten of Wands
                                                  Seven of Pentacles


The Five of Pentacles characterized by Mercury in Taurus. Natural meaning of the card is wisdom applied in work.   The card is a symbol of economic breakdown and the disproportion of income and benefits.  This can be the result of long lasting inactivity despite exerting the best efforts. It is a sign of a dark shadow on the soul.

Interpreted; this can indicate a loss of home or loneliness.  Signifies material difficulties, unemployment destitution. It shows the presence of losses, poverty, shortages.  There is a focus on lost love; or lovers unable to meet. But may signal  finding a new affinity through sharing similar trouble or loss.

Reversed: This card shows the awakening of hope.  It may be new employment, although temporary; monies regained after severe effort; or a new interest in spiritual matters.  May predict a wasted trip, or the split of an emotional relationship because the parties realize they have nothing in common.

Four of

                                                  Opposite cards:                    Corresponding cards:

                                                  Fool                                             Chariot
                                                  Empress                                   Emperor
                                                  Hanged Man                          Ten of Pentacles
                                                  Wheel of Fortune                Two of Swords


The Four of Pentacles is ruled by the Sun in Capricorn. This card expresses the idea of law and order gained through strength and power; by zealous work  and constant vigilance. The card, This is a power that rules, governs. However it maintains itself in a peaceful manner, through negotiation and conciliation. It stands for a law that is above petty aggression. Refers to holding to the status quo; and maintaining central wealth and power; not cruelly, but perhaps indifferently. This card speaks of clinging to the material world and the love of money, status, and material possessions.

Interpreted; Person referred to is not generous,  a miser, maybe even usurer, who only hoards his treasure, incapable of sharing; and may be inclined to fraud to strengthen own financial power. It refers to the assurance of material gain; gifts a legacy or inheritance. Can be seen as gain of earthly power without spiritual reward.

Reversed: This card announces setbacks in financial dealings; loss of material goods by chance. Can indicate a spendthrift, too free with money or dissipating family inheritance. Resistance to efforts, some lateness in receiving money or expected gains.

Three of

                                              Opposite cards:                    Corresponding cards:

                                                  Eight of Swords                    Temperance
                                                  Five of Wands                       Hierophant
                                                  Seven of Wands                    Three of Wands
                                                  Nine of  Pentacles               Three of Cups


The Three of Pentacles is governed by the Mars in Capricorn. This indicates constructive creative energy and accomplishment that is rewarded by money and status. This card is a symbol of contemplation as well as useful, material work.  It signifies artistic accomplishment of the craftsman and innovator.  It is the card of Masons or other fraternal groups and societies.

Interpreted; this card indicates skill and experience in trade or in business, mastery and perfection of  every sort. Announces artistic talents, with the status of dignity, power and renown. It can also signify commercial increase, or gain in a commercial transaction.
Reversed: This card speaks of weakness and leniency, banal ideas, inferior qualities, thus of mediocrity in general. May also mean preoccupation or lack of training and routine in the work performed. In financial sense - indicates problems with money.

Two of

                                              Opposite cards:                    Corresponding cards:

                                                  Hierophant                               Temperance
                                                  Five of Wands                       Four of Wands
                                                  Four of Swords


The Two of Pentacles is controlled Jupiter in Capricorn; which  causes some discord.  This card indicates the ups and downs of life and that a balancing of natures is required to keep maintain constancy and stability. This stands for maintaining balance among the sea of constant change; which is necessarily with some difficulty; but can be accomplished with attention and vigilence.

In interpretation; It can stand for harmony in the midst of change; lightheartedness and gaity. However; it may be a symbol of difficulties in launching new projects; or that the initiation of new ventures or enterprises will encounter some difficulty.  This card can appear as an indication of possible grave situations, or new disturbances, coming  with the fear of  errors.  It cautions against worries and rumor; or a message in writing.  Can designate a person with literary talents and ability in problem resolving. Person referred to may be industrious yet unreliable; elated and then melancholic.

Reversed: This card refers to the inability to handle several situations at once. Simulated enjoyment or enforced gaiety.  It announces arrival of news or an important written message.

Attribute of Earth

Pentacle represents EARTH.  According to old mystical theories, Earth is  was a dead, passive, immobile element. However, with the New Eon (Aleister Crowley) the idea of Earth, changed and used some of the Gnostic ideals.  So that it is now interpreted as an active element, or organizing the Solar system; symbol of reconstruction of energy into matter.  Pentacle is the wealth of the Earth; gold, jewels; the bounty of the Earth; and the fruits of labour.  It is the experience and representation of the Material World: money, acquisition and trade.   

It is usually represented by Gold Discs, or Coins.  In the world of commerce; Pentacles represents the reward form the activity, and the material achievement unlike Wands that represents engagement of the activity itself. However; the points of the Pentacle remind us that Pentacles also contain the essence of all the Elements: Earth, Fire, Water, Air and Spirit.  It also stands for the Five senses and the five extremities of the human body; as well as the occult sciences.    It represents also the philosophy of  both "Being" and "Becoming". Which in the Tarot, is seen as a descent under the ground as a consecration,  in a spiritual merger through which unity is achieved. This is the Suit of farmers and merchants.

Unlike others; I start with the ACE; which represents the purest  form of the Suit. and continue from the strongest: the King to the weakest representation: the Two.  The strongest meaning; expressing more of the specific character represented by the individual Suit

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