Interpretations of the basic meanings of the Tarot cards.
                              (Rider-Waite deck)
                              Copyright ©1990 by U.S. Games Systems,

                             The Major Arcana

Each card has an attribute & or
controlling Planet or Zodiac Sign

                                                            0   The Fool

                                                                Opposite cards:      Corresponding cards:

                                                                      Hierophant                      Hanged Man 
                                                                      Death /Devil                    Star
                                                                      Two of Swords             Three of Wands           
                                                                      Four of Pentacles
          Attribute of Air

This card stands for a beginning relating to the Hebrew letter aleph.
First; yet outside. It is attached number  0; rather than one.

It stands for both Male and Female fertility. The source of everything (some say God) the initial and the final equilibriums of opposites.  Its foolishness is of a divine nature; Fool brings creative new spirit combining divine opposites.

The Fool may stand for you or someone in your life, not a stupid fool but a wise innocent. This card signifies a courageous outset, a bold beginning, a leap into the great void of possibilities. It can be interpreted as the signal of a beginning, of taking fate into one's own hands, and observing feelings however foolish they may seem. 

Fool denotes the start of an adventure. It expresses enthusiasm, initiative, resourcefulness or agility.  A new opportunity opens, unlimited possibilities exist.         It underlines pleasure & passion. But can also point to immaturity, recklessness, excessiveness. audacity, extravagance, lack of discipline. There is a need for care in making the right choices. 

Reversed:  indicates a faulty choice, or bad decision, insecurity, apathy, hesitation thoughtless action, inadequate consideration.  With material issues, may signify stupidity, eccentricity. An inverted position cancels its divine creative possibilities, slows down or restricts possibilities.

                                                            1   The Magician

                                                                  Opposite cards:             Corresponding cards:

                                                                         High Priestess                 Chariot
                                                                         Hanged Man                       Two of Wands
                                                                         Seven of Cups                    Eight of Wands
                                                                         Four of Swords                 Eight of Pentacles
                                                                        Eight of Swords

Magician is connected with the Hebrew letter beth (house), Stands for Wisdom, Will, Word, Logos that is the creator of the worlds. This is the card of the ego, the will, the "soul" in the particular sense of your temporal, carnal mind or "human nature" (as distinguished from, and often in conflict with your "spirit" or "divine nature").  Archetype of the masculine, active principle. His nature is dual: truth and lie, or wisdom and simplicity at the same time. Magician means creativity, skill, wisdom, shrewdness, cunning, even theft. Sometimes denotes occult wisdom or power. 

It is a symbol of organization, skill, human will and the ability to harness the energy and channel it into a final goal.  This is a card of success in earthly efforts; however also fraud, deceit, disappointments. In reading/interpretation this card the Magician shows strength and creativity, signaling the time to act, Though one must know what you want,  and a plan for achievement. 

Reversed:  In its inverted position this card is a sign of a weak will.  It indicates the acceptance of the obvious, sensual enjoyment at the expense of deeper joy.  Because of the dual nature, it can also show a total lack of righteousness or morality.  As well as indicate insecurity and lateness, lack of agility or shortage of imagination; as well as using ones capabilities poorly or for a destructive purpose.  The feelings can't be trusted; instead, you need to examine the situation fully and objectively before making an important decision. 

                                                            2   The High Priestess

                                                                   Opposite cards:          Corresponding cards:

                                                                         Magician                               Hermit
                                                                         Two of Wands                    Hanged Man
                                                                         Seven of Wands              Four of Swords
                                                                         Eight of Wands


This card is connected with the Hebrew letter gimel (camel),
symbolizing conception of life and to the female archetype:  Barbelo, Isis, Athena,       an eternal virgin.

The Moon is connected with the High Priestess; which stands for the light, soul and body, and the guardian of the subconscious, feminine strength, power and virtue, often representing the creative arts, the spiritual seekers, the harmony understood by the wise and blessed among us.  It speaks of intuitive powers; a future unrevealed, influences that are hidden, 

At times this card may represent a young girl, platonic relationships, or concealed emotions. It is a symbol of chastity and virtue. It can also show indifference and avoidance of emotional problems.  It may refer to someone who talks excessively or is inclined towards lack of patience, but is practical.  This card shows a time to ponder, or even postpone action.  There is a benevolent influence but there will be change, alternation, and possible hesitation. It shows wisdom, sane reasoning, and serious knowledge and education and listen to the inner voice to reason out the ultimate direction or solution to problems, in a quiet manner.

Reversed:  High Priestess inverted speaks of ignorance, refusing to look at the current situation and being short-sighted and not considering the consequences of your actions.  It shows a possibility of leading the wrong way, if one is careless enough to neglect balance.  Persons pointed at by this card are prone to be egotistic, superficial, and exceptionally vain.; who accept superficial knowledge, and poor reasoning without thinking and understanding things for themselves.

                                                       3  The Empress

                                                                      Opposite cards:          Corresponding cards:

                                                                        Emperor                              Lovers
                                                                        Death                                   Star
                                                                        Four of Pentacles          Nine of Cups
                                                                        Nine of Pentacles          Seven & Ten of Pentacles


This card is connected with the Hebrew letter daleth (door), This card might be called the Door To Paradise, as it shows symbols of perfection, from original perfection of the Nature all the way to ultimate perfection of Art. The Empress is more than the female aspect of the Emperor.  She is the absolute symbol of woman boundlessly versatile, emphasizing love as the fundamentals of the Universe showing the undisturbed continuity of life, blood inheritance connecting all natural forms. The card combines both the sublime spiritual and the lowliest material qualities of woman as the "Earth Mother".  It is a symbol of the female sex drive and maternal nature, of fertility in whatever the reading concerns. The seed expansion, leading to the plentiful, growing to a bountiful harvest.  It indicate success in both business and family matters. In interpretation, this card denotes love, beauty, happiness, pleasure, success, completeness and abundance.  Person directed to by this card is a mother, sister, wife; she is practical, resolute, can possibly be a successful businesswoman or the card may refer to strong female influences, perhaps even teasing, mocking, or nagging. Depending on surrounding cards, it may be a sign of motivation for an ally or loved one.

Reversed:  In its inverted position shows hesitation, inactivity, indecision, a waste of assets, unrewarded effort, or loss of material property or an upsetting of usually-abundant nature.  It denotes infertility, or austerity, someone in need. Person pointed at by this card demonstrates lack of  initiative, lagging behind in obligations with a tendency towards flashing affairs, vanity, seduction and deception.

                                              4  The Emperor

                                                                      Opposite cards:          Corresponding cards:

                                                                      Empress                              Hierophant
                                                                      Seven of Cups               Justice
                                                                      Five of Swords               Two & Three of Wands                    
                                                                                                                         Four of Pentacles

This card is connected with the Hebrew letter sadhe. The Emperor Brings about the theory of rule, and general-type paternal power. energetic masculine conquering and spreading, the male influence often being expressed through direct pressure. It stands for authority, paternity, domination, law, leadership, the masculine sexual drive, sometimes for war-making.  Symbolizing fatherhood, can possibly denote a father, brother, husband, or other patriarchal person.

Can also signify successful social organization. Creative, representing success; but capable of destruction. The card shows abrupt, unexpected, violent although temporary activity.  Emperor stands for able, intelligent, and competent persons, who listen and can be trusted. They are strong and good at commanding, establish reason over emotion.  It can indicate a person in a position of authority well-disposed toward you.
Reversed:  distorts meanings; denotes immaturity, ineffectiveness, lack of strength, and insecurity. Persons related are of weak character and not masters of their emotions.  It shows loss of control, lost battles, harsh dictatorship, possible bondage to parents, sometimes the loss of inheritance or heritage.  You may be feeling the weight of responsibility or be in danger of taking on too many responsibilities.

                                                            5    The Hierophant
                                                                          (Pope or High Priest)

                                                                      Opposite cards:          Corresponding cards:

                                                                         Fool                                    Emperor
                                                                         Lovers                                Three of Cups
                                                                         Two of Wands              Three of Pentacles
                                                                         Seven of Swords          Eight of Pentacles
            Attribute of Earth

This card represents the letter waw (wedge or nail).  Hierophant is an older name for this card also called the Pope.  Relates to the Directs the secret essence of magical effort. Its speaks of initiation which may contain a sadist element.

This card represents the force of spiritual authority through institutions, and the desire to maintain tradition or the literal letter of the law. It can indicate preference for tradition, for form over substance in any context, a need for social approval (acceptance by family or friends), a desire to belong; or a preference for the superficial at the expense of deeper meaning.  Sometimes this card predicts an upcoming ritual (wedding, graduation, award).

Person depicted by this card can be shy, conformist, and reserved to others, also knows how to offer charity and sympathy but sometimes is humiliated by their own generosity. Sometimes suffering from inactivity or lack of firm belief, conviction. Can be a slave and attached to outdated ideas and principles, sometimes not adaptable to new circumstances or conditions. Such person has a sense of history, ceremonies, and ritual practices, and may be a religious or spiritual leader.

In interpretation the Hierophant expresses stubborn strength, entrepreneurship, effort, endurance, teaching and learning, formal expression and emergence. However also patience, steadiness, peace, inspiration, tranquility, mildness, and generosity are also shown.  The card may mean help coming from the superiors; it points to a service or alliance.
Reversed:  denotes a person overly good-hearted even helplessness, vulnerable, sensitive, inclined to inconsistent generosity, inconstancy, roaming, moral weaknesses, with a lack of correctness; but capable of self-denial.  Can denote new ideas,  and an openness to unconventional ideas, which can bring disharmony with the established ways. This card warns of an element of falsity: the seeker may be carried away by any attractive fancy just because it is different from what has been imposed on him before.

                                                             The Lovers

                                                                      Opposite cards:          Corresponding cards:

                                                                        Hierophant                      Empress
                                                                         Hermit                                Two of Cups
                                                                         Three of Swords           Nine & Ten of Cups
                                                                         Five of Cups                    Ten of Pentacles


This card is connected with the Hebrew letter zayin (sword). Sword is primarily a weapon that brings division, separation; and can signify a choice to be made. In the world of intellect this is the world of the suit of swords, representing analysis.

This is a fundamental card. Its original form it is the story of creation of the world. Presenting symbols of the male and the female principles, whose wedding initiates creation. Nature of what is created is not defined, rather depends on influences. The process of cognition and creation, between action and reaction, to preserve equilibrium of the Universe.  It signifies inclination and openness to inspiration, spiritual sensation, cognition and intuition.  However it also denotes also tendency of childishness, superficiality, abstraction, limitation of practical observations and reasoning. At the same time it can mean hesitation, inconsistency, unsteadiness, imbalance, controversy, inclination toward trivial and false intellectuality. 

In a reading it can designate love, beauty, perfection, harmony, or unanimous feeling. It may indicate higher-quality temptations, as well as optimism and confidence. In emotional sense Lovers point to audacity, capability of starting a new romance, deep feelings, blindness, being in love. passionate desire, temptation that may  neglect possible consequences. It can also be a sign of struggle between the sacred and profane.  Person designated by this card is a person with deep feelings but sometimes overly romantic and can fall for false promises. When this card appears, there can be an important choice to be made in the area of love, feelings, or desire. Possibly there will be the need to choose between (or to harmonize) your earthly with your spiritual nature. The struggle involves in choosing between the wise, the perfect, the truthful against the tempting.

Reversed:  disharmony, quarrels, danger of a broken union: a marriage, a business relationship, a friendship.  Lovers fail tests and temptations, instability, separation. Person referred to by this card is frustrated with love affairs and relations, or marriage, which may require intervention. This can also be a fickle disloyal person. There will be a need to stabilize the emotions, to wrench the unbalanced back into a stable position.

                                                 7   The Chariot
                                                                      Opposite cards:          Corresponding cards:

                                                                         Strength                        Magician
                                                                         Hanged Man              Two of Wands
                                                                         Tower                               Six of Wands
                                                                         Eight of Swords          Four of Pentacles
                                                                         Ten of Swords            Nine of Pentacles

             Attribute of Water

The Chariot Signifies advancement that is perfectly balanced, the effect of supernatural forces on human energy which is inspired and advancement that is perfectly balanced, this card relates to spiritual life.  Chariot denotes triumph, victory also hope and memory.  However; triumph comes as the consequence of strength and great effort, as well as steady, hard intellectual work, particularly of self-control, which brings success through preparation and brings control over problems; health, money, personal  conflicts, enemies.

The card suggests it possible to attain great things when psychological and spiritual forces are well balanced.  It sometimes expresses destructive uges, striving to vanquish, yet subdued. Chariot may indicate a trouble that should have been avoided; confusion, embarrassment or contradictory influences, with  the need to make quick decisions, or departures. In any case, it means activity and excitement. Person referred to by this card most frequently exerts ultimate effort in defends traditional ideas, is self sufficient, often inconsiderate and uncompromising. However, they can be obedient and faithful.

Reversed: means loss, damage, breakdown, lack or absence. Lost at the last moment has been what was just about to be realized; plans have blown up all of a sudden. Can signify the use of unnecessary force, unchannelled effort, lack of self-control, an unethical or temporary victory, a restless desire for major change, a control over things that should not be controlled.  Person referred to by this card has been defeated, pushed aside. Suffers from the problem of not being able to grasp reality, or is not connected to the real world.

                                                8   Strength

                                                                      Opposite cards:          Corresponding cards:

                                                                         Hanged Man                Chariot
                                                                         Nine of Wands             Six of Swords
                                                                                                                          Eight of Cups
                                                                                                                          Five of Pentacles


This Trump card was originally marked XI, In his Deck, Waite exchanged the positions of Justice and Strength, because of the meanings. He felt this presented a better balance of the Trumps.

This card expressed more than just bare strength; rather passion or zeal.  It is not just strength, but also joy expressing masculinity, exhilaration, virility. This card Represents the act of primeval force of the Sun.   Strength designates energy of the primitive, creative order, entirely free of restraint.  The picture on this card shows a woman closing the jaws of a lion, which she has subdued.  This is the card of spiritual and emotional courage.   It also shows a need for reason to temper emotion, especially in domestic matters.  Person referred to by this card is a one deserving trust, faithful and devoted, with plenty of inborn skills. If it appears showing masculinity, and the male principles, and warns of possibilities and temptation of power corrupting.

In readings it always stands for courage, strength, self control, energy and effectiveness, however also resorting to magic and use of magical forces and power.  It refers to spiritual strength; courage, even heroism, energy, firmness, conviction, however also limitations as a consequence.  Depending on the surrounding cards, it tells that matter overpowers the spirit, or, more frequently, that spirit subdues the matter.  It symbolizes an agreement, but also conquest, May be just teasing, or action, even completion of a task. This card may forecast circumstances of danger, or strength to endure regardless of  the circumstances.

Reversed:   is the sign of weakness, helplessness, illness. not necessarily physical weaknesses, it can also portend ill fate, surrendering to the temptations, stinginess, indifference, apathy, fear of the unknown, the spiritual being dominated by material interests.  In political sense, it also speaks of weakness or abuse of power.

                                                9   The Hermit

                                                                      Opposite cards:          Corresponding cards:

                                                                         Lovers                                High Priestess
                                                                         World                                 Seven of Sword
                                                                         Two of Cups                    Four of Cups
                                                                         Three of Cups               Eight of Cups
                                                                         Nine of Cups
              Attribute of Earth

This card is connected with the Hebrew letter yoth (hand) In the Kabbalah, meaning the foundation of all other letters of the Hebrew alphabet. This card  represents the pure symbol of fertility, the earth, with creativity in all material forms.  Hermit stands for enlightenment, self awareness and practical ideas realized with perhaps retreat and the setting aside the mundane. The Hermit is a bringer of light, wisdom, good counsel, but  he retreats from society and will not come unless  sought.  He represents wisdom, prudence, discretion, expert advice.  His power comes from the union of (masculine principles) mental agility and reason and (feminine principles)  emotional and moral strength. 

In readings this cards stands for internal enlightenment, as well as advice and knowledge. It may highlight worry, carefulness, discretion, care, and patience. sometimes it indicates a necessary retreat.  It can also herald a meeting with someone to guide you on your journey.  Understanding may be needed.  A person referred to by this card is often solitary, or not communicating with others and may appear insensitive, although is in reality hiding their emotions, for fear of pain.  The card can refer to a secret, If surrounded by unpleasant cards, may denote desertion, cancellation, abandonment, lies, deceit or bad advice.
Reversed:  designates exaggerated isolation, failure caused by inactivity, or over carefulness causing lateness or carelessness, incorrect and unfair advice, refusal to heed wise counsel, foolish vices, running away from reality, hastiness or impudence. Person referred to by this card is immature or acting sensesly. There is a need for a better attitude.

                                              10   The Wheel of Fortune

                                                                      Opposite cards:          Corresponding cards:

                                                                      Two of Swords                    Eight of Wands
                                                                      Four of Swords
                                                                      Four of Pentacles
                                                                      Seven of Pentacles


This card is connected with the Hebrew letter kaph (palm) This card represents the Universe in the aspect of never ending change, which, is the only equilibrium possible. The continual cycle of change is represented by  the Wheel of Fortune, in which good and evil, luck and ruin, harmony and  discord perpetually wax and wane. 

The card, refers to a change of luck, fortune,  the element of chance.  To be favored by fortune, denotes luck, but fortune is seen as the sense of fate or destiny. The rotation of the wheel turns to the flow of events from beginning to end, including unpredictable occurrences, advancement in the best, or for the worst, special gain or unusual damage, golden opportunity or misfortune, which depend on surrounding cards.

In readings it generally points to the influences regarding the problem or question. It may also mean bliss, Heaven's mercy, conclusion, as well as a result or fatality. The card indicates a turn of luck  (generally for the better), or at least a change from the current condition. Even if they seem ill fates one should look towards the new opportunities presented. 

Reversed:  usually means bad luck, unpredicted accident, however also unknown external influences,  incompatibility, from unpredicted events. a setback, failure of an endeavor, the need to be prepared for a turn or a run of bad luck,  is also a good time to assess priorities.

                                                 11  Justice
                                                                      Opposite cards:          Corresponding cards:

                                                                         Two of Swords            Emperor
                                                                          Five of Swords          Judgement
                                                                          Seven of Swords    Nine of Swords
                                                                                                                     Ten of Wands
                                                                                                                        Seven of Pentacles

This Trump card was originally marked VllI, In his Deck, Waite exchanged the positions of Justice and Strength because of the meanings. He felt this presented a better balance of the Trumps.

Rather than standing for a single letter; This card highlights the relationship between the letters aleph and lamedh; seeing Justice as a harlequin companion to the Fool, these two cards together making a whole: with illusion, fulfillment, revelation with all possibilities open.  That Justice has it's own nature of harmonization or coordinating it symbolizing universal, equilibrium.  Justice can be understood as the appraiser of each and every act, and it rules each and every element that disturbs the equilibrium of the Universe.

"Things will be balanced and put to rights" is the message of the Justice card.  Balance and harmony are to be restored, useless trivia eliminated and things sorted out until there remains only a simple balanced truth.  The unclear will be clear; designating a of the state of equilibrium, and integrity. acting in good faith, or even for just revenge.  However; the ultimate results, whether desired or not, are just and right for the one injured.

In readings this card may indicate postponement until a decision is made. It understands in itself the usual equilibrium and harmony.  It designates marriage or agreement connected with such; in politics, it referrs to negotiations. It may refer to Court litigations or charges. This card can also refer to girlhood or chastity.

The card refers to a person who responds kindly, who is honest, reasonable, and balanced. The word of an honourable and respected person, although closed and introspective, and prone to self-satisfaction, but benevolent and ready to offer advice to others. Can see through others intentions, and avoid evil. 
Reversed:  may designate false accusations, strict trials, dishonesty, intolerance, bad circumstances. Persons referred to are inclined to religious rigidity, intolerance and inconsideration. It can also mean abuse, deceit, or fraud. injustice, senseless entanglements, confusion of the truth, and wrong judgement.  Fight life's hard battles and learn its lesson.

                                                12   The Hanged Man

                                                                      Opposite cards:          Corresponding cards:

                                                                        Magician                              Fool
                                                                        Chariot                                 High Priestess
                                                                        Seven of Wands            Strength
                                                                        Ten of Wands                 Four of Wands
                                                                        Four of Pentacles          Ten of Swords
          Attribute of Water

This card is connected with the Hebrew letter mem; It represents initiation, as the spiritual function of water. Position of the Hanged Man is a combination of triangle and cross, which signifies descent of the light into the darkness aiming at reshaping and revitalization in new forms. representing a surrender of the self, the "soul", to the calling of the spirit,
This in fact is the card of the God Dying, the one sacrificing himself for the purpose of continuing the cycle of life.  It speaks of a turning from material temptations, a suspension of earthly concerns Sacrifice is an element of the card's meaning, along with great idealism.  Change is near!

Interpretative this is a symbol of forced sacrifice, punishment, fatal or willingly caused loss, suffering, defeat, failure, even death; regeneration is being prepared, the  necessity to change the standstill between events, Life forces, of an uncertain nature; regeneration is being prepared, renaissance, nearing of new life forces.

Hanged Man designates a person in transition, ready for change; possibly difficult to understand, living in suspension, secluded, isolated. Such a person is in transition, ready for change. Although bored at the moment, such a person is awaiting  a turnover however at the price of self-denial, abandonment, sacrifice or regret.
Reversed:  a preoccupation with the ego, means absence of self-sacrificing, false prophesizing, clinging to physical, willful ignorance of the spirit or useless futile sacrifice. Person referred to is not contributing their whole self.  

                                                13   Death

                                                                      Opposite cards:          Corresponding cards:

                                                                        Fool                                        Tower
                                                                        Empress                              Eight of Wands
                                                                        Judgement                        Five of Cups
                                                                                                                           Eight of Cups
          Attribute of Water

This belongs to the letter nun (fish), symbol of life in Water. The Zodiac symbol of this card is Scorpio ruled by the Mars, planet of severe energy in its lowest form it represents the nucleus of universal energy in its most secret aspect. This card is the symbol of transformation, change, unintentional or deliberate. In any case, possibly abrupt and unexpected. It is just an illusionary foreboding of death or destruction, but such an interpretation is deluding. Death means transformation, disappearance or loss of something essential.

In material sense it indicates to a sequence of bad events, loss of financial security or income i.e. profit, or loan granted never to be collected back. In interpersonal relations it may symbolize ending of family relationships or friendships.  Person referred to by this card is nearing a brutal change, which does not necessarily mean physical death. This is, however, an old person awaited for by illness, maybe even death.

Reversed: Death means stagnation, (an  unmet need for change) or a senseless upheaval without cleansing benefits. Immovability, gradual and slow or only partial change, inertia or a grave occurrence deprived of justice.

                                                      14  Temperance

                                                                      Opposite cards:          Corresponding cards:

                                                                        Tower                                 World
                                                                        Five of Swords             Two of Cups
                                                                        Five of Wands              Three of Cups
                                                                        Seven of Cups              Two of Pentacles
                                                                        Five of Pentacles          Three of Pentacles

This card is connected with the Hebrew letter gimel. Temperance is a supplement and fulfillment of the trump VI (Lovers).This card brings realization of the wedding announced in Lovers, establishment of full and proper equilibrium. The original duality has been settled; after birth there follows growth, growth is followed by maturity, maturity to lead to decay - thus speaking of closing off the cycle in Nature and life. The

Temperance card speaks of good  management, successful combinations, good communication.  Interpretative this card designates joint forces, fulfillment after perseverance.  Future successes by mastering of one's self. Temperance is a designation of modesty, moderation, patience, owing to which achieved are consolidation, comfort, harmony, and good impression. This is a successful combination within the picture of earthly life.

Person referred to by this card stands for knowledge and accountability; often a highly respected person, using both material and intellectual forces. It is a picture of good influence or accurate prophesizing, as well as confidence and coolness.

Reversed:   Temperance designates discord, disharmony, competing interests, disharmony, enmity, lack of coordination, quarrels, corruption, separation, lack of moderation. difficulties in understanding others, impatience, sterility, wastefulness, frustration. Things out of balance.

                                                      15  The Devil

                                                                      Opposite cards:          Corresponding cards:

                                                                        Fool                                        Six of Swords
                                                                        Star                                         Eight of Swords
                                                                        Four of Wands               Nine of Swords
                                                                        Six of Cups                       Seven of Cups
                                                                        Ten of Cups

This card is connected with the Hebrew letter ain (eye)  Represents unreasoning creative energy in the material aspect, creative instinct respecting life; whether lush and fertile or rough and barren; with fervor and fascination. also designates subordination, slavery, being conquered, or lack of success i.e. defeat; best instincts being repressed by too much logic and intellect.

Devil also represents male energy in its most masculine form, as creator: Yaltaboath, Pan. Although under the Christian influence; Devil has become associated with astral power, black magic, evil intentions or mysterious temptation; personifying the dark side and the wrong use of all the principles of the universe. 

Devil designates blind impetus, inconsiderate and irresistible forces, ambition, temptation, obsession, secret conceptual plan just about to be realized in practice; hard work, But possible controversies;  leniency,  stubborness, rigidity, dissatisfaction, bad moods, wrath, shock, self-punishment; agony or suffering.

Person referred to is a poor character, not able to realize their wishes. Lacks humor and clear principles.  The card announce leading one into misfortune, fatality, regression, or breakdown.

Reversed:  Devil leads toward enlightenment, gradual victory over seemingly unbeatable circumstances, throwing off shackles, surmounting obstacles, or liberation. In relations a possible divorce.

                                                      16  The Tower

                                                                      Opposite cards:          Corresponding cards:

                                                                        Chariot                                Death
                                                                        Temperance                    Sun
                                                                        Star                                        Five of Pentacles
                                                                        Six of Wands
                                                                        Ten of Cups

This card is connected with the Hebrew letter pe (mouth) Tower (the card's other names being Lord's Temple, or War) is the expression of cosmic energy in its destructive form, an unavoidable element of creation annihilated: everything that exists.

The Tower speaks of the loss of the old, like a lightning-bolt. Represents total and sudden change, demolition of old beliefs, and abandonment of past relationships. This can also be an unexpected occurrence destroying confidence, breakdown of a friendship, abrupt change of opinion, stands for bickering, disagreements, struggle, danger, collapse, lost conceptual plans.

The change can be terrible, which understands in itself events such as break of a relationship, hardship, misfortune, accident, absence of security, disappointment. In material sense it announces loss of material security, ruining, poverty, even bankruptcy.
The tower of self, of Soul's ambition, even sudden death.

Reversed:  Tower denotes permanent opposition, absence of changes due to strong attachment to old, inability to change, rigidity. Can mean lack of liberty, prison, person entangled in a misfortunate and accidental situation. Can mean oppression of the spirit by false accusations, false ideas, false goals.

                                                17   The Star

                                                                      Opposite cards:          Corresponding cards:

                                                                        Devil                                        Fool
                                                                        Tower                                    Empress
                                                                        Moon                                     Six of Cups
                                                                        Two of Swords                Ten of Cups
                                                                        Nine of Swords

This card is connected with the Hebrew letter he; Star Signifies constancy of the Universe, never ending, pouring energy in/out, in constant motion. The image of Great Mother, symbol of fertility, birth, and change.  Not the totality of perfect creation, but initial shaping, towards realization.  Star represents mixture of the past and future. Promises brilliant prospects, promising opportunities, optimism. Also means good omens, sharp-mindedness, satiation or enjoyment, performance, completion of a task. Star that is rising announces spiritual love, new birth crucially influenced by the stars, as well as important astrological influences.

In interpretative it designates hope, faith, inspiration, unexpected help, clear insight, opportunities utilized, spiritual insight with bad omens, however also of bad assessments, daydreaming, disappointment. Yet; frequently showing energy and desire are essential in happiness and that results will be achieved by energy invested: By balance between desire and work, hope and effort, love and expression, and of accumulation of old knowledge's for use in the present.
Reversed:  shows disappointment, pessimism, unfulfilled hope, absence of opportunity, of imbalance. In describing relationships means ending of a business attempt or of a middle-scale friendship. Can be designation of stubbornness or explosive acting.  A lack of perception, a blindness to the gifts of the spirit, an ignorance of the love that is offered, a dwelling on pessimism and negativity when everything around you is bathed in the pure light of love.

                                                18   The Moon

                                                                      Opposite cards:          Corresponding cards:

                                                                          Star                                   Two of Swords
                                                                          Sun                                    Eight of Swords
                                                                                                                         Seven of Cups


This card is connected with the Hebrew letter kaph (back of the head).
Moon like Pisces represents the last stage of winter, and the gate to resurrection, (a new cycle), The Moon is the most universal celestial body,  being the aspect of the Goddess well as light growing and rising from darkness, The ring between the human and the divine.  Christian thought brought about the meaning of black magic and wizardry, loathsome deeds. Moon simultaneously signifies the threshold of life, of death and that of the mysterious, although not evil influence.

The moon can also show the unfolding of intuition, psychic powers, and freedom from normal limits, to give power over the mysterious and deceptive. The moon is also significant to light one's dreams, and it also lights the way of one who journeys courageously and unceasingly day and night. Dreams are important when The Moon turns up in one's reading.

Many interpretations focus on the mystery of illusion, deceit, fraud, bewilderment, awe, embarrassment, hysteria, even frenzy and madness, daydreaming, insincerity, mistakes and errors, crises; the twilight, of consciousness preceding disappointment, danger, wandering, and error. Moon designates duality: depending on surrounding cards can show corruption, ill influences, misfortune and accident, deluding and false appearances, contradicting influences, sudden unpredicted change of plan, falling into a trap. Moon points to possibility of being taken advantage of by others, inability to evade danger or relationships of bad faith; possible trouble for your loved ones.
Person referred to is a false friend, inclined to being egotistic; with questionable motives.
Reversed: designates small disappointment, prior unknown danger, meaningless error, subduing of bad intentions or practical concerns may supersede imagination.

                                                19   The SUN                    

                                                                      Opposite cards:          Corresponding cards:

                                                                         Moon                                        Tower
                                                                         Eight of Cups                     World
                                                                         Six of Swords                    Two of Wands
                                                                         Five of Pentacles            Six of Wands

Sun is portrayal of light, life, freedom and love, complete liberation of the mankind thanks to energy of Fire. Designates both the male and the female, eternal youth, shamelessness and innocence. Old concepts such as sin and death are cancelled, realized freedom, connection to the divine.

This card always means great joy. It always is a good omen - sign of warmth, sincerity, earthly happiness, favorable arrangements, or completion of tasks. favorable signs for, love, happy marriage, pleasure in simple things and acceptance of life. Sun is the symbol of glory, pride, gain, wealth, triumph, pleasure, enjoyment, sincerity, truth, however also of shamelessness, arrogance, vanity, discerning explanations. It signifies recovery from illness, however also of sudden death sometimes. The card points to pleasure, success and satisfaction and satiation, feeling of generosity, with reverence and devotion.

It can also designate a good friend, noble thoughts, reward i.e. benefit coming from a new friendship. In that same manner - achievements in the spheres of art, or liberation.
It is a card of material happiness, success, mastery, a happy family, achievement in every realm.
Reversed: Sun always stands for misfortune, calamity, bad luck. This can possibly be loneliness, breach of marriage or engagement, absence of friendship, cancelled plan, bleak future, loss of material success, family trouble, spiritual darkness and other problems.  This is not a time to begin new projects. 

                                                 20   Judgement

                                                                      Opposite cards:          Corresponding cards:

                                                                         Death                                  Fool
                                                                         Five of Cups                    Justice
                                                                         Nine of Swords             Seven of Pentacles


This card is connected with the Hebrew letter gimel. This card is a representation of The Last Judgement (also named Angel,) in symbolizing destruction of the world by Fire; and announcing the new one. The judgment here is a final judgment of praise and  mercy, a life well lived, a journey well completed, an accomplishment of the  great work of spiritual transformation.  Destruction and revitalization, concentration of political power, advancement in of philosophy and science, and unifying religious thought. There have been mistakes and harsh  judgements against you along the way.

In reading this card denotes final decision concerning past events, new sense of future; always stands for resolutions to make a final step. Speaks of necessity to repent, forgive, of atoning, desire for immortality. It simultaneously symbolizes rejuvenation, renaissance, improvement, development, expansion. Signifies effort ending in a just reward, moment of submitting reports on how opportunities have been utilized. In relations with others means possibility of the present demeanor toward them being cruel and unjust, necessity of careful analysis of present actions in sense of the measure to which they touch other persons, outcome of a process or clash of a personal character, or unjust benefit one may take, later to regret. In social sense means legal court, or proclamation of an end or of a new beginning.
Reversed: Judgement signifies lateness, disappointment, fear of death,  inability to maintain a balanced perspective, incapability of facing the facts, uncertainty, hesitation, deep worry. In material sense designates theft, in emotional: separation from the ultimate good, failure to find hoped-for happiness; alienation and loss of love.

                                                 21  The World
                                                                      Opposite cards:          Corresponding cards:

                                                                        Hermit                                Temperance
                                                                        Four of Cups                Sun
                                                                        Five of Wands              Nine of Cups
                                                                                                                        Ten of Cups
                                                                                                                         Ten of Pentacles


World,  belonging to the letter taw, is the last card in the order of Major Arcana, in unison with the first card, the Fool forming the word At, meaning essence. The whole reality of life positioned in between these two letters/cards.  That reality means, in fact, spreading, while the other name of this card is Universe.

Ruled by Saturn, great old God of fertility, World symbolizes reproduction and equilibrium between change and permanence, manifestation of a goal achieved, ready for a new cycle. However; in a reading may only designate the question and can mean postponement, delay, opposition and resistance, stubbornness, sluggishness, patience, persistence and endurance, expressed obstinacy in hardship.

Ostensively this is the card of final completion, fullest development, ultimate understanding, triumph in undertakings, complete mastery and liberation.  There will be reward, peace, joy, completion.  There is a mature freedom to move, to change, to live. It can mean fulfillment of all your dreams. If surrounded by other good cards. It denotes final outcome of all efforts invested, rewards deserved with hard work, triumph in enterprises, outcome of events as opposed to other signs. It is the ultimate goal all other cards have strived for. Viewed on the whole, it designates recognition, connectedness, bringing to an end completely, perfection, success causing other people's admiration, safety, realization, synthesis, resourcefulness, honour, way to liberation, and even eternal life,
Reversed:  means imperfection, lack of ability to complete a task undertaken, absence of imagination or visions, disappointment, decline, weakening, success that has not yet been won, a journey not yet completed, too much attachment to the past or to the earthly.

(Some of the symbolism described for this deck represents the ideology man's journey towards God;
as described by Wayne N. Key

Other Symbolism is from traditional Pagan belief.

                            The Minor Arcana
                    (The Suits of the Minor Arcana represent the Four Elements)

          The Four Suits also correspond to the Suits of a regular Deck of playing Cards.
          with Ten Numbered Cards each; but with the exception that there are Four Court
          Cards instead of Three. However;  the Suits are not ranked; but are considered
          equal in importance; providing harmony and Balance.

The Dark or Black Cards represent the masculine attributes:

Swords (Spades)
Wands (Clubs

The light or Red Cards represent the feminine attributes:

Cups (Hearts)
Pentacles (Diamonds)

Wands:          Fire
Wand represented by either a Staff, or a Club; but sometimes a Wand or Scepter is still comanding.  It represents  a Father figure, or male domination, from the creative starting point of each evolution.

Cups:          Water
Cup represents the staff of life, yielding from the waters falling down from the above.  Connected with the Mother image of the physical creation of the divine, spiritual life and Female receptivity.  It is the Goblet of Life, a prophetic cup, and a cup of knowledge, ie: "the Holy Grail".

Swords:          Air
Sword represents the Intellectual Spirit of matter and Will. It is an instrument that cuts and  therefore represents division.  However;  it is a Two edged sword; cutting both ways; thus combining both the male and the female principles in Balance.  It is both a weapon; and  along with being in the shape of cross, represents a form of Judgement.

Pentacles:          Earth
Pentacle is the wealth of the Earth; and the experience of the Material World with Gold, Coins or Discs.  It represents also the philosophy of  both "Being" and "Becoming"  in a spiritual merger seen as a descent under the ground as a consecration, through which unity is achieved.

Summoning Spirit

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