Ancient Method
Interpretation of Master
      Lao Tzu

1. Ch'ien
Creative Activity


The time for action has come. You now have the focus and stamina necessary for accomplishing great tasks.  The path before you is being cleared and reward lies ahead.

2. K'un
Receptive Force


This is a time for dealing with reality as it is,
not as you would have it be.  If you realize that in
this situation you are the receptor, not the transmitter of the stimulus, you will find yourself
reaching goals that seemed unattainable under your own steam.  If you persist in futile efforts to
be the Shaper rather than the Shaped, you will completely miss this unique opportunity.

3. Chun
Difficulty at the Beginning


New ventures always pack along their inherent chaos.  Though this is an annoyance at best, and can even imperil or downright doom an endeavor, it is also the friction needed to polish your project to jewel brilliance.  Learn from these early obstacles.

4. Mêng


This is a time of interchange between a mentor and pupil.  Whether you are the teacher or the student, it is a time of companionship along a mutual path.  This hexagram also emphasizes the eternal, cyclical nature of the mentor/student relationship -- a mentor is merely a more seasoned pupil, further along on the journey.  A pupil holds within himself the seed of a future Master.

5. Hsu
Calculated Waiting


You must now endure this Dangling -- either a carrot before your nose, or a sword above your head.  This strange mix of apprehension and anticipation is a Purgatory.  There is nothing more you can do to affect the outcome.  You must now submit to the Fates.

6. Sung


Conflict is a necessary part of life.  Tension upon the strings of a violin can make majestic music.  The critical mass of two hydrogen atoms trying to occupy the same space fuel the sun that nourishes our solar system.  Most conflicts you face in life are the result of your Path converging with another's.  Your Path is not his, and one Path is not necessarily more right than the other.  Can you work together to remove the blockage?

7. Shih
Recruiting Allies


You must gain support from others.  Find a way to make others want to see your objectives met as badly as you want it.  How can they profit from the attainment of this goal?  Can you command confidence that you are just the person that can bring this plan to fruition?

8. Pi


This is a time of connection with another or others not just an alliance, but a melding of parts into a new whole.  Such a connection may be too close, too intense for some.  Consult the oracle again to see if you have the qualities needed to strengthen and withstand such an intense synthesis.

9. Hsiao Ch'u
Gentle Restraint


No matter what you do, the fruit of your labors never seems to ripen.  Your reward remains just out of reach.  Men have gone mad from such anticipation.  Don't lose your balance lunging for the brass ring.  While the Fates continue to restrain you, go them one better and display a self-generated restraint and grace.  Look for the humor in the situation.

Worrying the Tiger


You have reached a perilous point in your journey.  This is a real gamble -- not a maneuver, not a calculated risk.  The outcome is uncertain.  If it goes as you hope, you will gain -- but if it turns against you it will cause serious injury, at least to your plans.  The best tack is extreme caution and a healthy respect for the danger involved.



It doesn't get any better than this.  Everything is in harmony, all obstacles are cleared from your Path, anything you could ask for is right at hand.  This is the Elysian Fields, the Garden of Eden.  The only thing wrong with Peace is that it, too, must change.  Whether you are in this state of harmony now or it is predicted for your future, recognize it as your greatest opportunity to build your resources against less harmonious times.



This hexagram is actually the Dark side of Peace, its by product, Stagnation.  In a time when most of our wants are provided and  Idleness, Apathy, and Lassitude come to the forefront.  Peace becomes boring, bland, unchallenging; Stagnant.  Now our attention turns to the quick fix, the instant celebrity, the fad, the one-nighter, the current buzz.  There is no room for depth.  If you are a passionate soul, you must wait for a better time to find kindred spirits. 

13. T'ung Jên
Social Mechanism


This is a matter of Positioning -- not only yourself, but others as well.  There are niches to be filled, potentials to be realized, right livelihoods to be found.  You are not building a new organization, but shoring up an existing infrastructure.  It's worth the effort, because it will provide union, community, and an ironclad alliance.

14. Ta Yu
Great Treasures


You have become an instrument of Heaven's will, offering a balance in the world around you.  It is not swashbuckling prowess or uncanny talent that qualifies you for this office, but your simplest gifts your modesty, your compassion, your economy.  Because you can see clearly who most needs a miracle, Heaven's bounty is being put at your disposal.

15. Ch'ien


The Cosmos is moving toward equilibrium.  Extremes are being tempered, excess is beginning to shift toward the empty.  You can use these moderating influences to strike a balance in the world around you.  Remember, though, that this Leveling will not come about through an arrogant confiscation of excess, but through subtler persuasions.  Modesty and moderation are the keys.

16. Yu


There is a rhythmic force, a world music, that lives deep in the Unconscious of each of us.  It's a primitive drumbeat, a shaking rattle, a tribal chant that invokes the primal self to rise up and join the dance.  This is the enthusiasm that is generated now.  Confucius said that the person who could comprehend this could "rule the world as though it were spinning in his hand."  This is a time for instinct, not intellect -- the Thunder from Beneath

17. Sui


Thunder from the Lake; the lulling, rhythmic roar of the faithful tide, eternally wearing away the stone of the shoreline, forever obedient to the phases of the moon.  The pull of the moon on the tide is the Following called for now.  As mighty as the tide is in its own right, it is ever the puppet of the invisible, irresistible gravity of the moon.  What cyclical forces pull you along?  Are you futilely attempting to resist a natural attraction?

18. Ku
Repairing the Damage


You are blessed with an opportunity to resuscitate that which others have abandoned as beyond repair.  This ruin wasn't caused by evil intention, but by indifference to decay.  Just by addressing yourself to the problem, you exhibit a new awareness, a fresh perspective.  This is a time of recovery, renewal, regeneration.

19. Lin
Noble Calling


You are in a position to help another.  This is a temporary situation, because your power is cyclical, seasonal.  Knowing this, you must perform your good deed without hope of reward.  You are not furthering your own process, but another's.  Though you may cherish this other, you will never possess.  Touch without grasping.  Take comfort in becoming a fond memory.  Nurture, then let go.

20. Kuan


The situation marks a rising to new heights.  As you climb for a better view of the panorama, you make yourself more conspicuous to those below.  This hexagram is also known as the Watchtower, because the shape formed by its lines resembles the ancient guardposts manned by Chinese soldiers.  These towers were placed on mountainsides to give a better vantage point.  To those below, the watchtowers served as landmarks to help them find their way.  The quality of your search for clarity in this situation serves as such a guidepost for others along the Way.

21. Shih Ho
Biting Through


A terrible reckoning is due.  A wrong will be righted -- and even if it has been you who has been wronged, you will tremble at the terrible power of Justice untempered by Mercy.  Pray for your oppressor, that his punishment will fit his crime.

22. Pi


The emphasis now is on form, not function -- on the sizzle and not the steak.  The environment around you is not one of depth, and you are appreciated now for your image, not your essence.  You perfectly fill a role, and no one is seeing the genuine you.  Still, you are being listened to and watched.  Use this influence to further your goals as much as possible.  Even if you don't feel understood, you can perhaps connect with a few isolated hearts.  Relax and enjoy the attention.

23. Po
Splitting Apart


This is a situation easily mistaken for Stagnation (Hexagram 12) or Revolution (Hexagram 49).  It just depends on which side you're on.  During a time of Stagnation, human worms invade to feed on the decay.  During a time of Revolution, oppression is being overthrown.  But in this situation, oppressors are violently seizing power.  Pay special heed when you receive this hexagram, because the oracle is often warning you of a situation of which you are totally unaware.  You are about to be blindsided.
24. Fu


You are about to experience a rebirthabout to be given another chance, a new lease on life. You have persevered, gone the distance through an entire cycle -- through the Spring of hope or new passion, through a Summer of growth and building, only to be sacrificed like the archetypal Harvest King at the Autumn reaping.  You lie dormant like seed beneath Winter snows now, healing and absorbing new energies in preparation for the new young Spring coming shortly to your life.

25. Wu Wang
Remaining Blameles


This is thoroughly a matter of the heart.  If everything you attempt, no matter how carefully planned, ends in disarray, then examine your motives.  They are the cause of your predicament.  It isn't that your motives aren't pure -- even the best intentions will fail under these circumstances.  What stymies you in this situation is that you have a motive at all.  Free yourself of all expectations, release any tenuous grip you may have, and roll with it.  This is totally out of your control.  There are higher powers and more elements affecting the outcome of this situation than you can imagine.  Get out of their way.

26. Ta Ch'u
Recharging Power


There are important precedents in this situation.  Others have trodden this Path before overcoming obstacles facing you now, and making crucial decisions at the same crossroads.  Study them, watch for their trail markings.  Gain inspiration and wisdom from the heroes and learn from the mistakes of those who chose a sidepath.  All were Seekers, explorers whose daring mapped a course you can follow.  Prior words and deeds of the finest can imbue you courage necessary to face what lies ahead.

27. I
Providing Nourishment


You are a conduit in this instance, able to provide the sustenance needed by others.  Position yourself to nourish the truly needy and worthy.  Avoid situations where you might be coerced into supporting the parasites and vermin who deprive your true charges.  Your own nourishment is an issue here, too.  Remember Lao Tzu's three Great Treasures:  Only the person possessed of Compassion, Modesty and Frugality can remain fit enough to stay free of desperation and keep control of the situation.

28. Ta Kuo
Critical Mass


Several high-priority concerns demand immediate attention.  All are crucial.  None will be denied.  Yet some demand the denial of others.  Like two atoms seeking to occupy the same space, these irresistible forces and immovable objects threaten to ignite a cataclysm that could irreversibly alter your world.  This is no time for fatal heroics.  You are at Ground Point Zero.  Remove yourself from this situation without delay.  Find sanctuary.  Later you may deal with these concerns on your own terms, from a position of strength.

29. K'an
Dangerously Deep


You are facing a crucial trial along your Journey.  The danger of this challenge is very real.  It is a test of your mettle.  If you can maintain your integrity and stay true to your convictions, you will overcome.  That's not as easy as it seems when you are faced with the sacrifice of other things you've come to depend upon or hold dear.

30. Li


A Promethean flame is delivering light and heat to the situation at hand.  This radiance will cause such an alchemical transformation of circumstances that the changes will seem magical, miraculous.  Yet they are only shifts of perspective and attitude that bring clarity.  The passions kindled by this fire must be harnessed and used judiciously, or they threaten to consume your hopes and dreams.

31. Hsien


There is no greater natural law in the Cosmos than Attraction.  From the magnetic pull of an atom's nucleus to the centrifugal force that spirals a galaxy, the face of the universe is shaped by Attraction.  On a human scale, it is Attraction that fuels procreation and furthers our species.  Yet it is also Attraction that spawns greed and covetousness, threatening our extinction.  Attraction is the underlying force of the situation in question.  You are refined or debased by the objects of your desire.  What gravitational pull are you now under?  Around what sphere of influence do you circle?  Can you use your own ability to attract? 

32. Hêng


Endurance is the key to success in this situation.  However, durability is not synonymous with stone-like rigidity.  True resilience requires a flexibility that allows adaptation to any adverse condition, while still remaining true to the core.  Can you maintain your integrity under any circumstance?  Can you influence the situation without giving opposing forces anything to resist?  Then you will endure to reach your goal.
Summoning Spirit
MODERN METHOD:  A Six lined Symbol Hexagram is created by  tossing THREE Chinese coins. One side is designated heads, called Yang, the other tails,called Yin.
When seeking the Oracle:  Take out the coins, from their special place. Face East; and clear the mind, Call upon what powers ye will; filling with pure light, raise your mind to the image of the situation of your inquiry. Gently toss the Three coins, toward the East.  As they fall, mark the first line of the Hexigram, the bottom. The coins are tossed Six in all times to construct the complete Hexigram.made up of six lines,each line being Yang or Yin.
There are four combinations possible for each toss: 

Plain Lines                                                                          Moving Lines

Two Yin & One Yang = Pure Yang                    Three Yang = changing Yang

Two Yang and One Yin = Pure Yin                    Three Yin = Changing Yin

Construct Two Hexigram as tossed.  The First two lines refer to the Hexagram as a whole, giving direction to the matter of inquiry.  Read the First Hexagram;   In the Second Hexigram; change any Changing Yang to a Yin; and any changing Yin to a Yang before reading the Second Hexigram. The differences found in reading ater changing the Moving Lines  pertains to the situation:  Which is considered to be the Answer from the TAO. (Note: in this method there may be several "moving lines" or none at all.)

There are Sixty Four possible results with a Six Lines symbol.

Each  Hexagram is divided into two Trigrams: An upper Trigram and a lower Trigram. Viewed as combining Two Trigrams.  The Hexagrams use both this combined meaning as well as their independant symbol. 

These "upper" Trigrams: represent the outer world and the intention.
The Lower Trigrams represent the inner world and th Karma; or Fate. 

feature Jung interpretations  used by a popular I-Ching divining Oracle program.        

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Symbol        NAME  &  ANALYSIS

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*Heaven above and Heaven below:
Heaven in constant motion.
With the strength of the dragon,
the Superior Person steels himself
for ceaseless activity. Productive Activity.
Potent Influence.
Sublime Success
if you keep to your course.

*Earth above and Earth below:
The Earth contains and sustains.

In this situation, the Superior Person
should not take the initiative;
he should follow the initiative of another.
He should seek receptive allies in the southwest;
he should break ties with
immovable allies in the northeast.

Responsive devotion.Receptive influence.
Sublime Success if you keep to your course.

*Thunder from the Deep:
The Superior Person
carefully weaves order
out of confusion.

Supreme Success
if you keep to your course.
Carefully consider
the first move.
Seek help.

*A fresh Spring at the foot of the Mountain:
The Superior Person refines his character
by being thorough in every activity.

The Sage does not recruit students;
the students seek him.He asks nothing
but a sincere desireto learn.

If the student doubts
or challenges his authority,
the Sage regretfully cuts his losses.

*Deep Waters in the Heavens:
Thunderclouds approaching  from the West,
but no rain yet.
The Superior Person nourishes himself
and remains of good cheer to condition himself for the moment of truth.

Great Success
if you sincerely keep to your course.
You may cross to the far shore.

*The high Heavens over a yawning
Deep chasm: An expansive void
where nothing can dwell.

Even though he sincerely knows
he is right, the Superior Person
anticipates opposition and carefully prepares
for any incident.

Good fortune if your conflict subsides.

*Deep Water beneath the Earth's surface:
Untapped resources are available.

The Superior Person nourishes and
instructs the people,
building a loyal, disciplined following.

Good fortune.No mistakes
if you follow a course
led by experience.

*Deep Waters on the face of the Earth:
Surface waters flow together.
The Superior Person recognizes the situation
calls for joining together.
Thus he cultivates friendly relations with all.
Good fortune is possible.Cast the coins again
to discover if you have the qualities needed
to lead such a group. Then there will be no error.
Those uncertain will gradually join.
Those who join too late will meet with misfortune.

*Winds of change high in the Heavens:
Air currents carry the weather.
Dense clouds blow in from the West, but still no rain.

The Superior Person fine tunes the image
he presents to the world.

Small successes.

*Heaven shines down on the Marsh
which reflects it back imperfectly:

Though the Superior Man carefully discriminates
between high and low, and acts in accord
with the flow of the Tao, there are still situations
where a risk must be taken.

You tread upon the tail of the tiger.
Not perceiving you as a threat,
the startled tiger does not bite.

*Heaven and Earth embrace, giving birth to Peace.

The Superior Person serves as midwife,
presenting the newborn gift to the people.

The small depart; the great approach.
Success. Good fortune.

*Heaven and Earth move away from each other.
In the ensuing void, the small invade
where the great have departed.

There is no common meeting ground,
so the Superior Person must fall back
on his inner worth and decline
the rewards offered by the inferior invaders.

Difficult trials
as you hold to your course.

* Heaven reflects
the Flame of clarity:
The Superior Person
analyzes the various levels
and working parts
of the social structure,
and uses them to advantage.

if you keep to your course.
You may cross to the far shore.

* The Fire of clarity
illuminates the Heavens to those below:
The Superior Person possesses
great inner treasures --
compassion, economy,and modesty.
These treasures allow
the benevolent will of Heaven
to flow through him outward
to curb evil and further good.

Supreme success.

* The Mountain
does not overshadow
the Plain surrounding it:
Such modest consideration
in a Superior Person
creates a channel
through which excess
flows to the needy.

if you carry things through.

* Thunder comes resounding
out of the Earth:
Similar thunder roars up
from the masses
when the Superior Person
strikes a chord
in their hearts.

Whip up enthusiasm,
rally your forces,
and move boldly forward

* Thunder beneath
the Lake's surface.
The Superior Person
allows himself
plenty of sheltered rest
and recuperation
while awaiting
a clear sign to follow.

Supreme success.
No mistakes
if you keep to your course

* Winds sweep through the Mountain valley:
The Superior Person sweeps away
corruption and stagnation
by stirring up the people
and strengthening their spirit.
Supreme success.

Before crossing to the far shore,
consider the move for three days.
After crossing,devote three days

* The rich, loamy Earthon the banks of
the Marsh provides fertile soil for
exceptional progress.

The Superior Person is inexhaustible
in his willingness to teach,
and without limit n his tolerance
and support of others.

Supreme Success If you keep to your course.
But be aware that your time is limited;
your power will wane,
as Summer changes to Fall.

* The gentle Windroams the Earth:

The Superior Person expands his sphere of
influence as he expands his awareness.

Deeply devoted to his pursuitof clarity and wisdom,
he is unconscious of the inspiring,
positive example he is setting
for others to emulate.

You have cleansed yourself;
now stand ready
to make your humble,
devout offering.

* The merciless, searing judgement of  Lightning
fulfills the warning prophecies of distant Thunder.

Sage rulers preserved Justice by clearly
defining the laws,and by
delivering the penalties decreed.

Though unpleasant,
it is best to let justice have its due.

* Fire illuminates the base of the Mountain:

The Superior Person realizes he has not
the wisdom to move the course of the world,
except by attending
to each day's affairs as they come.

Success in small matters.
This is a good time
to begin something.

* The weight of the Mountain presses down upon
a weak foundation of Earth:

The Superior Person will use this time
of oppression to attend to the needs of
those less fortunate.

Any action would be ill-timed.
Stand fast.

* Thunder regenerates deep within Earth's womb:
Sage rulers recognized that the end of Earth's
seasonal cycle was also the starting point
of a new year and a time for dormancy.
They closed the passes at the Solstice
to enforce a rest from commerce and activity.
The ruler himself did not travel.
You have passed this way before but you are not regressing. This is progress,for the cycle now repeats itself, and this time you are aware
that it truly is a cycle. The return of old familiars
is welcome.You can be as sure of this cycle
as you are that seven days bring the start of a new week. Use this dormancy phase to plan
which direction you will grow.

* Thunder rolls beneath Heaven,
as is its nature and place:

Sage rulers aligned themselves
with the changing seasons,
nurturing and guiding their
subjects to do the same.

Exceptional Progressif you are mindful
to keep out of the wayof the natural Flow.

It would be a fatal errorto try to alter its course.
This is a time of Being,not Doing.

* Heaven's motherlode waits within the Mountain:

The Superior Person mines deep into history's
wealth of wisdom and deeds,
charging his character with timeless strength.


Drawing sustenance from these sources
creates good fortune.
Then you may cross to the far shore.

* Beneath the immobile Mountain
the arousing Thunder stirs:

The Superior Person preserves his freedom
under oppressive conditions by watching
what comes out of his mouth,
as well as what goes in.

Endure and good fortune will come.
Nurture others in need, as if you
were feeding yourself.
Take care not to provide sustenance
for those who feed off others.
Stay as high as possible on the food chain.

* The Flood rises above the tallest Tree:

Amidst a rising tide of human folly,

the Superior Person retires to higher ground,
renouncing his world without looking back.

Any direction is better
than where you now stand.

* Water follows Water,
spilling over any cliff,
flowing past all obstacles,
no matter the depth or distance,
to the Sea.

The Superior Person learns flexibility
from the mistakes he has made,
and grows strong from the obstacles
he has overcome, pressing on
to show others the Way.

* Fire sparks more Flames:

The Superior Person holds an inner Fire
that ignites passion in every heart it touches,
until all the world is enlightened and aflame.

With so searing a flame,
success will not be denied you.
Take care to be as peaceful and nurturing
as the cow in the meadow;
you are strong enough to be gentle.

* The joyous Lake is cradled
by the tranquil Mountain:

The Superior Person takes
great satisfaction in encouraging others
along their journey.

He draws them to him
with his welcoming nature
and genuine interest.

Supreme success.
This course leads to marriage.

* Arousing Thunder and penetrating Wind,
Close companions in any storm:

The Superior Person possesses a resiliency
and durability that lets him remain
firmly and faithfully on course.

Such constancy
deserves success.

33. Tun


Retreat in this instance is not a desperate flight in disarray, but a conscious choice to distance yourself from forces that would rob you of your peace.  It is not a surrender, but a regrouping.  Retreat from this conflict is actually an advance toward your own center.  You move toward balance, and thus a much stronger position.

34. Ta Chuang
Awesome Power


The Awesome Power available in this hexagram stems from what the Taoists call your Te, a term not perfectly translated into English.  Roughly, it is your Integrity -- not in the Western sense of honor -- but more in the psychological definition of a full integration of Who You Are.  This Awesome Power is achieved only by fully embracing both the good and the bad, the strong and the weak, the masculine and the feminine -- all polarities within you.  Such self-knowledge spawns a Mastery tempered with the humility necessary to rein in and harness this Awesome Power.

35. Chin


This is a time of reward for good works.  Those you have helped want to show their gratitude.
Benefits come both from on high and from the humble you uplifted.  Accept all gifts graciously
though the reward may not be what you truly need or hoped for.  Some may bestow more than
they can afford to give, but you must realize that they need to feel that they have repaid you.

36. Ming I
Eclipsing the Light


This time calls for a saintly effort to turn the other cheek.  You have been deliberately injured.  Going blow-for-blow will only escalate this war.  Abstain from vengeance.  Show all watching you are above it.  Sidestep  the aggressor's had long charge, giving the opportunity to fall on his face.

37. Chia Jen
Family Duties


One in this situation must be keenly aware of his influence on others.  Maintain a healthy respect for the ripple effect of your words and deeds.  To some you serve as a role model. You can either help shape their world or tilt them into chaos.  Show temperance and consideration to all.

38. K'uei


You are working at cross-purposes with another.  The distance between you is very wide.  The gap can be closed, however, with no compromise of your integrity.  You are not adversaries in this case -- just two persons addressing individual needs.  Ask yourself: are these needs mutually exclusive?  Is there common ground here?  Must there be one winner and one loser?  Could you become partners in seeking a solution that would allow for two winners?

39. Chien


The Obstacle lies in obstinance.  An insistence on only one way of proceeding has brought things to an impasse.  You may either continue banging your head with irresistible force against this immovable object, or you might step back and survey this situation from a fresh perspective.  Which is immobile here -- the obstruction or your attitude?

40. Hsieh


The relief you experience here is not your own personal pardon, but the release of others from your rigid expectations.  Like a hot air balloon, you will rise to new heights as you cast the heavy sandbags of resentments and restrictions away from you.  Feel the lightness of being that results from forgiving others and accepting them as they are.  Free yourself of the endless vigil of policing the behavior of others.  See them for who they are, not what they can or can't do for you.

41. Sun


This is an occasion for downsizing to fighting trim.  Simplicity and economy are strong
defenses against the slings and arrows of Outrageous Fortune.  Whether this is a time of want or
a time of plenty, it is an auspicious time to shed a dependency.

42. I


Get ready to ride a tide of accelerated growth toward self-actualization.  A joyful awareness of
the best within you, coupled with an acceptance of your Shadow, will provide a greater
repertoire,a much bolder vision, and new depth and clarity that will compel you to expand your horizons.

43. Kuai


Your iron will must come to the forefront now.  It will take great personal resolve to resolve the situation in question.  Your adversary would love to force you into an angry display.  That would legitimize his opposition to you.  Such a berserker rage would drag you down to his level.  You must resolutely take a public stand against what he represents, but refuse to engage him.  Without compromise, you show others the way to higher ground.

44, Kou


You are ignoring a clear and present danger to your well-being.  If this threat emanated from a heavy-handed oppressor, you would see it coming.  But this danger comes to you in the form of a seduction, an amusement, a diversion, an indulgence that is eating away at the fiber of your  secure little world.  You are too cocksure.  You underestimate the tribute this dalliance will demand.

45. Ts'ui


This is an important Convergence, and you must be part of it.  Look for the Center of this convergence.  Like waters running to the sea, like an astronomical convergence of planets revolving around the sun, you should let the gravity of this Center draw you near.  Others are also drawn to this Center, and among them you will find shared bonds and kindred spirits.  This tribal convergence will give you a clarity of purpose.  You will no longer be alone.

46. Sheng
Upward Mobility

You are progressing, rising inch-by-inch toward certain success.  What makes this assured is
your refusal to tilt headlong toward your goal, slamming into obstacles and going mad with
frustration.  You have a clear map before you of the steps necessary to reach your objective.
With faithful patience and a careful conservation of personal energy and resources, you will run
this long, slow distance.

47. K'un


This is the realm of the Shaman.  You have exhausted every alternative, spent yourself completely, taxed body and mind beyond your former limits.  Survival and salvation lie beyond your reach now.  Only transcendence to a new existence -- a higher plane of being -- will see you through.  The Old You is just a dry husk.  You can't return to it.  Metamorphosis is the only grace offered.  You can only return to your homeland as a New You.

The Well


There is a Source common to us all.  Jung named it the Collective Unconscious.  Others hail it as God within. Inside each of us are dreamlike symbols and archetypes, emotions and instincts that we share with every other human being.  When we feel a lonely separateness from others, it is not because this Well within has dried up, but because we have lost the means to reach its waters.  You need to reclaim the tools necessary to penetrate to the depths of your fellows.  Then the bonds you build will be as timeless and inexhaustible as the Well that nourishes them.

49. Ko

A revolutionary Change must be made forcibly.  There is no negotiating with the Established Order.  Perfect timing is essential.  Let the abuse of power become apparent and oppressive to those around you before making your move.  Lay the groundwork, sow the seeds for Revolution without tipping your hand prematurely.  You will need a strong foundation, because you will have to bring about this necessary change alone.  You cannot count on popular support, so you must wait until there is massive dissent.  Then the avenue for your assault will be cleared.

50. Ting
The Caldron


Your needs are coming into harmony with the requirements of the Cosmos.  Blending brilliantly with the Dance of Life, you are becoming an actual element of Cosmic Law.  Your goals will now be realized because you no longer cut against the Cosmic grain; you are no longer swimming against the flow of the Tao.  You are acquiring an intuitive sense of what can and cannot be, and aligning your efforts accordingly.

51. Chen


A thunderbolt of Cosmic judgement crashes to earth.  For the common person, it's just a momentary fright soon forgotten, its warning unfathomed and unheeded.  But to one who understands its significance, this thunder is a signal to repent.  Centering the Self, seeking balance, the enlightened person will respect and align himself with this Higher Power, while his fellows remain subject to the whims of every passing storm.

52. Ken
The Mountain


There is a higher vantage point available to you, but it is obscured by the visible peak of personal ambition.  To climb to this higher plane, you must shake off the desires and fears of the conscious, visible world around you.  To make this journey you must quiet the Ego, empty your mind of past and future, and dwell totally in the moment at hand.  Thorough mindfulness of what is before you is the only tranquility.  Be.  Here.  Now.

53. Chien
Gradual Progress


Adaptability mixed with integrity will bring a calm, steady progress.  Move from your center, always faithful to your principles, yet with the flexibility to weather any tempest.  Yours is not a meteoric rise to the top, but the solid, confident footing of one who has a clear vision of what can be, and who is willing to climb the distance to reach it.  The oracle foresees companionship along the way -- a Divine comfort on any journey.

54. Kuei Mei
A Loveless Marriage


This is at best a Marriage of Convenience.  You have found yourself in desperate straits, a position of weakness, and you are tempted to pay dearly for a remedy.  A drowning man isn't picky about who throws him a rope.  The rescue offered to you now is undesirable.  It may pull you out of this sticky situation, but it will cause even greater predicaments down the road.  Don't obligate yourself in this way.  You are selling your future for a quick fix today.

55. Feng


You are in a position of authority in this situation.  Archetypally, you are the New King, returned from
your quest to claim your throne.  However, you are enlightened enough to realize  that you are merely a part
of a cycle, and that you must someday yield your throne to the new kid in town, the younger, faster gunslinger,
the young turk, the next returning hero, the next New
King.  Fretting about the inevitable descent is senseless.  For now you must play your role to the hilt and use this gift of power to govern your world as best you can.  You are the best person for  the job.  That's why you were chosen. 
Give it your personal best.

56. Lu
The Wanderer


You are a stranger to this stiuation.  It is your attraction to the exotic that has led you here, but you will move on to a new vista when this one has lost its mystique.  Because much of this environment is foreign to you, you must exercise only the best judgement.  You don't know the custom here, and it's too easy to cross a line you don't know is there.  Because you are the foreigner in this setting, you have no history to acquit you.  Watch, listen, study, contemplate, then step lightly but decisively on.

57. Sun
The Penetrating Wind


Gentle persuasion is the key in this instance.  Though the words are soft, their speaker must be
firm, calm and confident.  Gentle words are worthless if spoken with trepidation.  Wordless
influence by example is also effective in this situation.  All persuasion should be almost unfelt,
yet consistent and persistent.  Ask for feedback from someone you know to be an effective

58. Tui


This is the sign of true companionship.  The principals in this situation exchange energy, ideas and feelings, constantly invigorating and encouraging each other to new heights of Spiritual achievement and Self-discovery.  This exchange is not for the glory of the Team, but for furthering the process of each individual's "Te", or pure potentiality.

59. Huan


Walls meant to protect have instead separated and isolated.  Your defenses have kept you apart from those whom you most need to touch.  Whatever the reason for discord between you, it is time to lay down your arms.  Dispel the inflexible demands and fears of the Mind so that you may reunite in the Heart.  If you have begrudged, forgive.  If you have torn down, repair.  If you have injured, heal.  If you have judged, pardon.  If you have grasped, let go.

60. Chieh

Cultivating the proper disciplines and the proper degree of discipline are the concerns of this
hexagram.  By limiting options, you may give more attention to priorities.  One who is all over
the map is no less lost than one without a map.  Avoid asceticism, however.  Deprivation is not
wise discipline.  The key here is regulation, not restriction.

61. Chung Fu
Inner Truth


The subject of this hexagram discovers a key to Tranquility by first gaining insight into his own nature, then turning that vision outward.  By resolving inner conflicts and being at peace with himself, he learns to gain insight into others.  In effect, he enters another, sees with the other's eyes, listens with the other's ears, feels with the other's heart.  He then returns to his own center, with new perspective and understanding.

62. Hsiao Kuo
Lying Low


There is no profit to striving here.  To be content with oneself is the greatest success imaginable.  The enlightened person has nothing to prove to himself or others, and thus may always operate from a position of sincerity, with no pretense or posturing.  His humility is guileless simplicity.  His mourning is selfless compassion.  His frugality is an unshakeable faith that he is but a conduit, letting what is needed flow through him to others, with no loss to himself.

63. Chi Chi


Victory at the expense of another is a merciless taskmaster.  The precarious balance here is reflected in the lines of the hexagram: each of the yin lines rests upon a strong yang line -- a seemingly perfect arrangement.  But the scales will tipped with the change of any one line.  And there WILL be change.  Tireless vigilance and an answer to every challenge -- that is the uneasy Seat of Power occupied by the conqueror.

64. Wei Chi
The End In Sight


Resist the rush to completion.  Anticipation of fulfillment may callous you before you have fully absorbed the lessons of the journey.  The endpoint of this Quest will only prove to be the threshold for another.  You are short steps from Mastery on this plane, yet you stride toward Ignorance of the challenges lying beyond.  Savor this accomplishment.  Fully Become.  Take full possession of your world before embarking to discover the next one.  That voyage begins soon enough, and you will reminisce about this one.  These are the Good Old Days.
Ancient Method
Interpretation of Master
      Lao Tzu

* The tranquil Mountain towers overhead,
yet remains this side of Heaven:

The Superior Person avoids
the petty and superficial
by keeping shallow men at a distance,
not in anger but with dignity.
Such a retreat sweeps the path
clear to Success.

Occupy yourself

* Thunder fills the Heavenswith its awful roar,
not out of pridbut with integrity;
if it did less, it would not be Thunder:

Because of his Great Power,
the Superior Person takes pains
not to overstep his position,

That he will not seem
intimidating or threatening
to the Established Order.

Opportunity will arise
along this course.

* The Sun shines down upon the Earth:
Constantly honing
and refining his brilliance,

The Superior Person
is a Godsend to his people.
They repay his benevolence
with a herd of horses,
and he is granted audience
three times in a single day.


* Warmth and Light are swallowed
by Deep Darkness:

The Superior Person
shows his brilliance
by keeping it veiled
among the masses.

Stay true to your course,
despite the visible obstacles ahead.

* Warming Air Currents rise and
spread from the Hearthfire:

The Superior Person weighs his words
carefully and is consistent in his behavior.

Be as faithful as a good wife.

shape their world or tilt them into chaos.  Show temperance and consideration to all.

* Fire distances itself from its
nemesis, the Lake:

No matter how large or diverse the group,

The Superior Person
remains uniquely himself.

Small accomplishments
are possible.

* Ominous roiling in the Crater Lake
atop the Volcano:
When meeting an impasse, The

Superior Person turns his gaze within,
and views the obstacle
from a new perspective.

Offer your opponent nothing to resist.
Let a sage guide you in this.
Good fortune lies along this course.

* A Thunderous Cloudburst
shatters the oppressive humidity:

The Superior Person knows the release
in forgiveness, pardoning the faults
of others and dealing gently
with those who sin against him.

It pays to accept things as they are
for now. If there is nothing else to be
gained, a return brings good fortune.
If there is something yet to be gained,

act on it at once.

* The stoic Mountain drains its excess
waters to the Lake below:
The Superior Person curbs his anger
and sheds his desires.

To be frugal and content is to
possess immeasurable wealth within.
Nothing of value could be refused
such a person.
Make a portion of each meal
a share of your offering.

* Whirlwinds and Thunder:

When the Superior Person
encounters saintly behavior,
he adopts it;
when he encounters a fault within,
he transforms it.

Progress in every endeavor.
You may cross to the far shore.

* A Deluge from Heaven:
The Superior Person
rains fortune upon those in need,
then moves on with no thought
of the good he does.
The issue must be raised
before an impartial authority.

Be sincere and earnest,
despite the danger.

Do not try to force the outcome,
but seek support where needed.
Set a clear goal.

* A playful Zephyr dances and
delights beneath indulgent Heaven:

A Prince who shouts orders
but will not walk among his people
may as well try to command
the four winds.

A strong, addictive temptation,
much more dangerous than it seems.

* The Lake rises by welcoming and
receiving Earth's waters:
The King approaches his temple.
It is wise to seek audience with him there.

Success follows this course.

Making an offering will seal
your good fortune.
A goal will be realized now.

* Beneath the Soil, the Seedling
pushes upward toward the light:

To preserve his integrity,
the Superior Person contents himself
with small gains that eventually
lead to great accomplishment.

Supreme Success. Have no doubts.
Seek guidance from someone you respect.
A constant move toward greater
clarity will bring reward.

* A Dead Sea, its Waters spent
eons ago, more deadly than
the desert surrounding it:

The Superior Person will stake his life
and fortune on  what he deeply believes.

Triumph belongs to those who endure.
Trial and tribulation can hone exceptional
character to a razor edge that slices deftly
through every challenge.Action prevails
where words will fail.

* Deep Waters Penetrated
and drawn to the surface:
The Superior Person refreshes the people
with constant encouragement to help
one another.

Encampments, settlements, walled cities,
whole empires may rise and fall,
yet the Well at the center endures,
never drying to dust, never overflowing.

It served those before and will serve those
after.Again and again
you may draw from the Well, but if the bucket breaks or the rope is too short
there will be misfortune.

* Fire ignites within the Lake, defying
conditions that would deny it birth or survival:

The Superior Person reads the Signs of
the Times and makes the Season
apparent to all.

The support you need will come only after
the deed is done. Renewed forces, however, will provide fresh energy or exceptional progress. Persevere. dissent.  Then the avenue for your assault will be cleared

* Fire rises hot and bright
from the Wood beneath
the sacrificial caldron:

The Superior Person
positions himself correctly
within the flow of Cosmic forces.

Supreme Accomplishment.

* Thunder echoes upon Thunder,
commanding reverence for its father Heaven:
In awe of Heaven's majestic power,

The Superior Person looks within
and sets his life in order.

Thunder mingles with startled screams
of terror for a hundred miles around.

As the people nervously laugh at their own fright,
the devout presents the sacrificial chalice
with nary a drop of wine spilt. Deliverance

*  Above this Mountain's summit
another more majestic rises:

The Superior Person is mindful to keep
his thoughts in the here and now.

Stilling the sensations of the Ego,
he roams his courtyard
without moving a muscle,
unencumbered by the fears
and desires of his fellows.

This is no mistake.

* The gnarled Pine grows
tenaciously off the Cliff face:

The Superior Person clings faithfully
to dignity and integrity,
thus elevating the Collective Spirit of Man
in his own small way. Development.

The maiden is given in marriage.
Good fortune if you stay on course.

* The Thunderstorm inseminates
the swelling Lake, then moves on
where the Lake cannot follow:

The Superior Person views passing trials
in the light of Eternal Truths.

Any action will prove unfortunate.

Nothing furthers.

* Thunder and Lightning from the
dark heart of the storm:

The Superior Person judges fairly,
so that consequences are just.

The leader reaches his peak and doesn't
lament the descent before him.

Be like the noonday sun at its zenith.

This is success.

* Fire on the Mountain,catastrophic to man,
a passing annoyance to the Mountain:

The Superior Personwaits for wisdom
and clarity before exacting Justice,
then lets no protest sway him.

Find satisfaction in small gains.
To move constantly forward
is good fortune to a Wanderer.

* Wind follows upon wind,
wandering  the earth,
penetrating gently but persistently:

The Superior Person expands his influence
by reaffirming his decisions
and carrying out his promises.

Small, persistent, focused effort
brings success.
Seek advice from someone you respect.

* The joyous Lake spans
on and on to the horizon:
The Superior Person
renews and expands his Spirit
through heart-to-heart exchanges
with others.

if you stay on course.
furthering the process of each individual's "Te", or pure potentiality.

* Wind carries the Mists aloft:

Sage rulers dedicated their lives
to serving a Higher Power
and built temples that still endure.

The King approaches his temple.

Success if you stay on course.
You may cross to the far shore.

* Waters difficult to keep within
the Lake's banks:

The Superior Person
examines the nature of virtue
and makes himself a standard
that can be followed.

Self-discipline brings success; but
restraints too binding bring self-defeat.
wise discipline.  The key here is regulation,
not restriction.

* The gentle Wind ripples
the Lake's surface:
The Superior Person finds common ground
between points of contention,
wearing away rigid perspectives
that would lead to fatal error.

Pigs and fishes.
You may cross to the far shore.
Great fortune
if you stay on course.

* Thunder high on the Mountain,
active passivity:
The Superior Person is unsurpassed
in his ability to remain small.
In a time for humility, he is supremely modest.
In a time of mourning, he uplifts with
somber reverence.
In a time of want, he is resourcefully frugal.

When a bird flies too high,its song is lost.
Rather than push upward now,
it is best to remain below.
This will bring surprising good fortune,
if you keep to your course.

* Boiling Water over open Flame,
one might extinguish The other:

The Superior Person
takes a 360 degree view
of the situation and prepares
for any contingency.

Success in small matters if you stay on course.
Early good fortune can end in disorder.

* Fire ascends above the Water:

The Superior Person examines the nature of things
and keeps each in its proper place.

Too anxious the young fox
gets his tail wet, just as
he completes his crossing.

To attain success, be like the man
and not like the fox.