Attribute of Water

Cup represents the staff of life, yielding from the waters falling down from the above.  It is the symbol of the subconscious mind in the primordial state. Cups represents the Female aspect of the divine; the instincts; and the emotions of love, fertility, pleasure and beauty. connected with the Mother image of the physical creation, spiritual life and Female receptivity.  Being the essential symbol of the Holy Grail it is the Goblet of Life, a prophetic cup, and a cup of knowledge. This is the suit of the Priest.

Unlike others; I start with the ACE; which represents the purest  form of the Suit. and continue from the strongest: the King to the weakest representation: the Two.  The strongest meaning; expressing more of the specific character represented by the individual Suit.
Ace of
Cups                           Source of the Power of Water
                                                  Opposite cards:                    Corresponding cards:

                                                  Ace of  Swords                    Ace of Pentacles                    
                                                  Ace of Wands                       


This card represents the element of Water in its most mysterious and most original form. It is the female aspect, complementing the Ace of Wands. This card is consecrated; your cup runneth over; with the abundance of the spirit.  In the card is hiding the power to conceive inside itself and create features opposing its own nature.

When interpreted, Ace of Cups is a sign of unexpected blessings "out of the blue".  It appears as a symbol of ample abundance, perfection, joy. Signifies work finished, completeness, however also fertility, fullness, plenty. Sign of happiness, good luck,  productivity, beauty, enjoyment. Possible outbursts of goodness, with opening of new opportunities and good prospects.

Reversed:  This card means change, however in sense of erosion or depletion, It notes instability.. May signify sterility, unrequited love, shaded joy, inconsistency, as well as a treacherous heart or a relationship going bad.

King of
Cups                          The Fiery aspect of Air

                                                  Opposite cards:                    Corresponding cards:

                                                  King of  Swords                    King of  Pentacles
                                                  King of Wands


King of Cups is represented between the 2lst degree of Aquarius and the 20th degree of Pisces. He represents the tempestuous and passionate outburst of rain and water,  Also the power for other things to be dissolved  in water. This is the most effective and creative aspect of Water; It created balance and peace.  This card can also refer to the arts and sciences.

Characteristics of persons referred to by this card may seem passive because they are so kind and considerate.  But they are active in institutions and take much responsibility.  They can be  noble, creative and may be active in Law or religion. This is a person who understands things, a business person or knowledgeable in science. Possibly very religious or perhaps even a clergyman. Is good-willed and good-intentioned and can be counted on. Inclined to accepting liberal manners, can possibly be an artist, poet in the first place. Reacts quickly when attracted by something, easy to enchant, however not being persistent.  Exceptionally susceptible to external influences, however lacking material strengthening of character. Despite everything, the basic feature of a person referred to by this card is innocence and purity, as the very essence of his nature. Abruptness and anger are not suited to the basic gentle and tranquil person, and thus it is difficult to find a person able to bring such mutually excluding elements into harmony.

Reversed: This card symbolizes a person of who is powerful and fierce; but under a calm exterior. A non-artistic temperament; who can be inclined toward unskilled and wrong manners of resolving all own problems. A two-faced and dishonest person with an affinity  for scandals, often seeming to have no emotions.. Can possibly be shrewd, inconsiderate in business; but if not favored by luck, their whole life can be a sequence of failure.  Internal conflict may end up in schizophrenia or depression,  abuse of stimulating drugs or narcotics.  This card can also signify a loss, collapse, injustice.

Queen of
Cups                              The Watery aspect of Air

                                                  Opposite cards:                    Corresponding cards:

                                                  Queen of  Spades              Queen of Pentacles
                                                  Queen of Wands


Queen of Cups is represented between the 2lst degree of Gemini (the Twins) and the 20th degree of Cancer.  She has the  power to accept and reflect. She is This card reflects the essence of refined sublime purity and beauty.  It stands for honesty , devotion and loyalty.
Possesses expressed talent for imagination and clairvoyance .

This is a noble and honorable person, very poetical, often also very pious. Tender lover, good friend, and good mother. Practical, honest, good-hearted. Holds a perfect gift for mediation and patient endurance, capable of accepting and standing everything, all that leaving not a slightest trace on her appearance. This is someone who can put her vision into practice.  But; has a tendency  towards daydreaming, illusions, and tranquility. But also someone who is very kind but not necessarily willing to take too much trouble for another.
In interpretation the card expresses that success, happiness and pleasure are indicated.

Reversed: All these features get distorted.  She is frivolous, sinful, unethical, possibly  immoral, indecent, and dishonest. This is a person that can not be counted on, not trusted. Everything that gets through her is refracted and distorted.  Speaking generally, her features mostly depend on influences she is exposed to. It might be said that persons belonging to this type really have no personality of their own, if we do not understand personality as standing on the crossroads of different impressions and influences. Their biggest pleasure, however, comes from leading and attracting others, and, as they reflect and portray such perfectly, they are incredibly popular.

Knight of
Cups                              The Airy/spirit aspect of Air

                                                  Opposite cards:                     Corresponding cards:

                                                  Knight of  Swords               Knight of Pentacles
                                                  Knight of Wands


Knight of Cups is represented between the 2lst degree of Libra (the Scales) and the 20th degree of Scorpio. His character is that of Hermes.  Graceful and poetic. The Knight shows different moods.  Sometimes he is unsteady with a delicate equilibrium, although flexible. Sometimes he can be over indulgent or a  catalyst. He has refinement, hidden fierceness, and skill.

These are ultimately mysterious persons, artists in whatever they start but they are lazy and are apt not to carry through ideas to the finish. On the outside they are tranquil and uncompromising, but are passionate inside.  They seem inclined towards external influences, but; accept and adapt only what see as a benefit to themselves. Persons signified by this card are capable of advancing, feature expressed personal magnetism. They are very successful at utilizing invitations or good opportunities, even when brought about unexpectedly. Preconditions for success are good will, sincerity, and meeting a right partner.  They are quite hedonistic and are attracted to temptations and other indulgences.  They are concerned with  power, wisdom, and pursue their own goals.

In interpretation this card can also mean a message, proposition or invitation.

Reversed: This card signifies people who are extremely sensual, subtle and sophisticated, however also cunning and shrewd, fully capable of fraud, abuses, even smuggling and stealing. They are perfectly merciless. Feel no responsibility for others, and, though endowed by exceptional talents and skills, are unreliable, thus provoking disappointment and are seen as troublemakers and persons with no spirit. Danger from exaggerated ambition.

Page of
Cups                              The Airy/spirit aspect of Air

                                                  Opposite cards:                    Corresponding cards:

                                                  Page of  Swords                    Page of  Pentacles
                                                  Page of Wands          


Page of Cups is represented between the 2lst degree of Scorpio and the 20th degree of Sagittarius.  It represents the earthly ability to crystallize. Stands for Water's capability of embodying idea, supporting life, thus constitutes the basis of all combinations.
Persons referred to by this card are studious and imaginative, diligent, solicitous, thoughtful and loyal. They are ready to offer own abilities and efforts in pursuit of some special goal. Page of Cups denotes people who are very dependant on others, However at the same time being of great assistance to them. Reliable workers that can be trusted; but rarely hold individual significance, they are not crucial as individuals, but are incomparable assistants.

They are kind, gentle and well kept. They often live in the world of imagination and dreams, in constant exaltation. At first superficial glance they may appear self-centered and impertinent, negligent, but this is really a completely false impression, as such devote themselves to what they do quietly and without any strain.
In interpretation signify someone that can be of assistance. It can signify a message, a new business method proposed, or news; perhaps of a birth.  If it does not represent a person it can signify an attraction to the arts or meditation.

Reversed: This card stands for people who have little creative desire, but incur affection.  These may also be hypersensitive persons. They are successful at flattering and deceiving. It can refer to a seduction; or a deception uncovered; obstacles, or unpleasant news.

Ten of
                                                  Opposite cards:                      Corresponding cards:

                                                  Devil                                             Lovers
                                                  Tower                                           Star
                                                  Three of Swords                     World
                                                  Nine of Swords                       Six of Cups
                                                  Ten of Swords


This card is represented by Mars in Pisces.  There has been a completion.  Desired goals have  been reached, and happiness is abound.  This card represents lasting and true happiness; and perfection in love, in absolute tranquility not just the sensual satisfaction as found in 9 of Cups.  This is spiritual happiness. However; some feel this card is controversial; because it presents the anti-climax of what is to be done when perfect achievement has been reached.  These interpretations feel that the consequence of this happiness will inevitably  be followed  by disturbance; by the  influence of forces that assault such perfection.

Interpreted in reading, this card means lasting success, a home hearth, family that is happy, joy and satisfaction. Symbol of blessed exaltation, peace and love, however also standing for honour, respect, virtue and renown.

Reversed: his card is an omen of loss of friendship. Also means bad luck, misfortune. Quarrels in family may be brought about, accompanied by wrath and struggle. Person referred to by this card is inclined to stinginess.

Nine of
                                                  Opposite cards:                    Corresponding cards:

                                                  Hermit                                          Empress
                                                  Four of Cups                          Lovers
                                                  Five of Cups                           World
                                                                                                          Six of Cups
                                                                                                          Seven of Cups



This card is represented by Jupiter in Pisces.  Number nine establishes equilibrium and steadiness. This is perfection of energy of Water, It represents physical well being and material success.  and its supreme owing to the. Unusually good card, where the everyday and attainable happiness is complemented by favorable chance occurrences, lucky concurrence of events. Getting one's wish.

This card is the strongest expression of the element of illusion as the fulfillment of love and passion turn into complete sensual satisfaction. or satiation, being the basis for the beginning of change. But not complete happiness as in the Ten of Cups.  Interpreted, this card means success  material success including benefit, good health, good situation, victory and difficulties defeated.

Reversed: This card stands for misplaced judgment, errors and contradiction;  material loss, absence of perfection. Also means false freedom, purported truth, fake success. Announces disputes and differences.

Eight of
                                                  Opposite cards:                       Corresponding cards:

                                                  Strength                                        Hermit
                                                  Sun                                                  Death
                                                  Nine of Wands                        Three of Wands
                                                                                                              Eight of Wands



This card is represented by Saturn in Pisces.  Eight expresses peace that is not equilibrium but rather complete abandonment, lethargy, negligence. It shows material success tossed aside ,perhaps even for higher goals. Time and suffering have landed on enjoyment.  Despite the framework  for good it has not been realized and there is not enough energy left. Misery; pining, disappointment in love.

In interpretation the card speaks of overestimated possibilities and abilities, fear of own wishes. It usually means a halt in effort, disappointment, abandonment of previous projects even in case of successful ones. Perhaps roaming from place to place. Person referred to by this card is shy and modest.

Reversed: this card means happiness, effort extended all the way to success, joy, rejoicing. Plans adhered to and completed. May announce some kind of festivity or holiday.

Seven of
                                                  Opposite cards:                    Corresponding cards:

                                                  Magician                                   Devil
                                                  Emperor                                    Moon
                                                  Temperance                           Nine of Cups
                                                  Four of Pentacles
                                                  Eight of Pentacles
                                                  Nine of Pentacles


This card is represented by Venus in Scorpio. This card is a bad omen.  It is motivated by selfishness and covetous desires. It represents disillusionary state, there can dependence on narcotic drugs, sinking or plunging into mire of false enjoyment; or other kind of fantasy fulfillment. Something almost suicidal is hiding in this card. There is nothing in this card alone to bring to bring back a state of equilibrium. the card being ruled by the that singles out the unchangeable weakness as the cause of absence of balance.

In Interpretation, this card appears as dreams and fantasy, unrealized expectations or wanting "castles in the air". Relates to imagination, whims, illusionary successes and selfish dissipation and self deception.

Reversed: This card speaks of intelligent selection, good wishes, decisions, new will and determination, good solutions. Goal has almost been attained, but must be followed up.

Six of
                                                  Opposite cards:                    Corresponding cards:

                                                  Devil                                            Star
                                                  Five of Swords                      Ten of Cups
                                                  Seven of Swords
                                                  Nine of Swords
                                                  Nine of Wands


This card is represented by the Sun in Scorpio. Number Six shows a balanced fiery power influencing Water.  This spurs overall fertility, satisfaction and harmony.  Satisfaction portrayed by it is in the noblest sense. It  stands for well-being and harmony of natural forces, home and happy memories of the past; leaving  no strain or suffering.   It represents being at ease with full sexual satisfaction; but in a natural way.

Interpreting  this card may appear as memory, renewal of past influences, meeting old acquaintances; a recollection of childhood, nostalgia, vanished pictures, However also impatient desires deriving from such memories. It may also indicate new friendships, new knowledge and opportunities, or perhaps a gift from an admirer.

Reversed: This card indicates living too much in the past. Worthless associations, clinging to the outmoded  practices or ideas.  Depending on other cards, it can also denote a plan possible to fail. It can also indicate  an inheritance or gift from the past.

Five of
                                                  Opposite cards:                    Corresponding cards:

                                                  Lovers                                         Death
                                                  Judgement                               Three of Swords
                                                  Six of Wands                         Six of Swords
                                                  Two of Cups                           Five of Pentacles
                                                  Nine of Cups



This card is represented by Mars in Scorpio. The Five reflects Water's power to cause decay. It symbolizes triumph of matter over the soul.  It indicates the beginning of disintegration; and  thwarting of an envisaged success and enjoyment.  Just at the moment of relaxation and anticipation comes disturbance and hindrance where they are least expected.

In Interpretation; this card appears as disappointment, sorry and partial loss accompanied by regret. Disillusionment in love, May also mean friendship without true value, broken marriage, or an uncompleted business alliance. Speaks of imperfection, defect. Signals substantial loss; but with something left over and the opportunity to begin again. May also announce inheritance that comes late.

Reversed: This card indicates return of enjoyment, an old loved one, or new promising prospects, good hopes, or new alliances.

Four of
                                                  Opposite cards:                    Corresponding cards:

                                                  World                                           Hermit
                                                  Four of Wands                       Six of Swords
                                                  Two of Cups
                                                  Nine of Cups
                                                  Eight of Pentacles


This card is represented by the Moon in Cancer.  The Four represents a stationary period in life, expresses stability, steadiness, may be a  full establishment, equilibrium for the moment.  Perhaps points to weariness and  dissatisfaction with material gains an entering a period of reflection upon the goals of ones life.  Which may be perceived as having lost its original purity of concept. 

This card is seen by some that giving up striving, represents a decay of enjoyment.  With its steadiness, four emphasizes individuality, but; somewhat denotes limitation, restriction; which is possibly only a preliminary step towards ultimate change. Still, this card expresses a positive and clear idea, of the unimportance of material gain. as if purity has been lost in the process of getting satisfied.

Interpreted, this card may mean fatigue, weariness, aversion, hostility, disgust. May refer to a bitter experience, or period of a standstill in life. dissatisfaction with material success, or reevaluation of earthly pleasures, Can stand for kindness or benevolence from others.

Reversed: The card  indicates a waking from a period of contemplation, or evaluation.  The approach of new horizons, opportunities, new relations, new approach to old problems, new goals or ambitions.

Three of
                                                  Opposite cards:                    Corresponding cards:

                                                  Hermit                                          Hierophant
                                                  Three of Swords                 Temperance
                                                  Six of Swords                        Three of Pentacles                    
                                                  Nine of Swords                      Four of Wands
                                                  Nine of Wands


This card is represented by Mercury in Cancer which links between the upper world and the underworld. Three shows friendships, hospitality and pleasure.  Here love has reached full maturity. It shows celebration of victory.  Which is a rejoicing of victory over the material by the spiritual foundations.

In interpretations this card may mean solution of a problem, satisfying results, conclusion. It may predict consolation, healing recovery, victory over an adversary, good luck Success and abundance. But could be only a partial realization or negotiated settlement.

Reversed: This card speaks of immoderate pleasures, abundance turning into excessiveness. Overindulgence in food, drink, or other sensual pleasures. Lateness or loss of renown may be produced. Success turned to ashes, or pleasure turned to pain.

Two of
                                                  Opposite cards:                    Corresponding cards:

                                                  Hermit                                          Lovers
                                                  Four of Cups                          Temperance
                                                  Five of Cups                          Ten of Cups
                                                  Five of Wands


This card is represented by Venus in Cancer. Two always stands for Word and Will. That which is First.; in appearance, appearance, expression or importance. In this suit it stands for first love, which revitalizes unison in particularity. The card is ruled by the conjunction of the male and the female; in harmony of spirit; and the most complete sense.  The word is of a perfect, quiet equilibrium, joyful to the measure of elation.

Interpreted, this card stands for the beginning of love, friendship or one that is  revived,  there is also passion. But it is represented by male and female harmony. It represents  unity, alliance, cooperation, and balance between  ideas and plans. Can refer to a kindred spirit or soul mate. May indicate an engagement or marriage.

Reversed: This card also refers to love, unrequited love, lost love, we have stopped wishing to find. Can be a false friendship, misunderstandings, violent passions, folly or dissipation.  It can stand for opposing desires, for separations, breach of a relationship or Divorc
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